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November 2011



Morning News: Buying, Selling, and Leaving

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Lots of stuff to discuss today. To be honest, I actually had to cut things out to make sure this post didn’t go crazy long. Let’s get right to it.


Teams are interested in Cubs players – There have been multiple reports since Theo mentioned that everyone is available that teams have interest in Cubs players. I’ve seen rumors ranging from interest in Matt Garza (more on this tomorrow) to Carlos Marmol to Alfonso Soriano. Yes, you read that correctly, teams are kicking the tires on Alfonso. I go back and forth on my feelings about dealing guys. Obviously, if teams have interest in Soriano or Zambrano, guys that aren’t a part of the future, I see it. The question then is how far do you want to take it. I’m one that subscribes to the theory that teams like the Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, etc should never really undergo a full fire sale type rebuild. They simply don’t need to because of the payroll they can afford to carry. They have the buffer to make up for mistakes. Teams like the Rays, Twins and Pirates don’t, which is why they try to continually get young. If you’re one that is in favor of the complete rebuild, then you have to entertain serious offers right now on Carlos Marmol and Sean Marshall. They, along with Garza, have big value to teams trying to add that final piece. Personally, I believe all three are part of the future. It’s an interesting discussion when you factor in the next note.

Cubs are reportedly interested in Albert Pujols AND Prince Fielder – Obviously not both at the same time, but there have been reports that due to the changes in the amount of spending that can be done for the amateur draft going forward as well as a small amount of sluggers on the market in the coming years, the Cubs have interest. Even last night on ESPN it was being reported that the Cubs had made preliminary contact with Pujols in an effort to negotiate. Personally, I’d rather have Fielder if we were going to get one of the two, but suddenly this story just got a whole lot more intriguing. I’ve got to wonder if this is just a play to get the Cardinals worried and cause them to overpay.

Greg Maddux waives goodbye….again – Maddux has left the building. Since the firing of Jim Hendry, I kind of wondered when Maddux would go. He took a job as special assistant to the general manager, this time in Texas. It’s the same position he held here, so this move is probably because Hendry left and the desire to be with family. I don’t blame him. In all honesty, I don’t think we’ll even notice he’s gone from a fan standpoint.


  • Jame Quirk has signed on to be the bench coach under Dale Sveum. Quick comes over from the Astros where he served as their bullpen coach for the past two seasons.
  • Bears Offensive coordinator, Mike Martz, is interested in the ASU head coaching gig to which I say “don’t let the door hit you on the way out”. Martz has failed to adjust his “genius” offensive scheme to the personnel that he has in Chicago and continues to call curious plays at curious times (i.e. A reverse with Earl Bennett in the NFC championship game)
  • Vin Scully turned 369 years old (84) yesterday. Happy Birthday Vin. If only your one man booth didn’t bore me to sleep when the Cubs go west to LA.



Sorry to go from Outkast in my last post to Nickel Creek, but I have a wide taste in music. These guys are one of my favorites out there. I wish they would get back to touring and making music together.

  • Buddy

    I love the one-man broadcasts of Vin Scully! Regarding Cubs trades, it never hurts to listen. Personally, I don’t want to see Matt Garza go, but in the right deal everyone is available.


    The previous regime tried winning now and in the future and did a lousy job at both. I think in order to keep winning in the future, this team is going to have to sink a couple of seasons to get the tablet developed in the minors, and get the bad contracts off the books. The Yankees and Red Sox aren’t in our positions. Their farms produce good MLB players. Ours hasn’t sans Castro.

  • Norm

    The new collective bargaining agreement sucks.
    I do not want Pujols for 9 years.
    I do not want Fielder for more than 6.
    If they do get one of them, I probably wouldn’t trade Garza.
    But I’d still trade Marmol and/or Marshall.

  • chet

    Chris Thile plays one hell of a mandolin. I swear when I read Nickel that it was going to be nickelback, then I was going to throw up.

  • Joe

    Chet, Have you heard any of his solo stuff? It’s just as good.

  • Eddie Von White

    I could never figure out what made Vinny so special. Maybe it’s the mono-tone. I suffered greatly in all my speech classes trying to overcome that curse.

  • Perhaps you suffer from voice immodulation, Eddie.

  • Eddie Von White

    My children could tell you that I have overcome my mono-toneness. I have been instructed by them not to let the umpires and referees know of my displeasure with their officiating abilities…something about not embarrassing them. But then again, is it not the job of the parents to embarrass their children in public?

  • Steve

    I could really go for Pujols, maybe for 6 years and $180 million. It seems that any longer than that would be a mistake.

    I love the Photo of the Day. I still can’t wrap my mind around it, but I think that A and D are correct, because there is a 50% chance of being right, and that is only one of the four options.

  • Norm

    Looks to me like there is a 33% chance of being correct.

  • A) .25 | “Choose A” | correct .50 => B
    B) .50 | “Choose B” | correct .25 => A and D
    C) .60 | “Choose C” | correct .25 => (moot)
    D) .25 | “Choose D” | correct .50 => B

    Trick question… 25% implies 50% is right, and 50% implies 25% is right. I hate stats.

  • lizzie

    I knew my buddy swannie would understand the trick!
    @Joe love love love Nickle Creek. Even their early stuff was great when no one knew them yet.

  • Dusty Baylor

    Ok..uh..David DeJesus 2 years/$10 million with a 3rd year team option. Being told he’ll be the full time RF.
    Uh…mediocre at best power and speed. Solid defender.
    32 in December….someone help me out here?

  • Seymour Butts

    I didn’t look at the comments until I decided there was no answer for the math problem as I knew Jswan would get to it before me.I believe the answer is zero, though that is not an option, it’s no Schrodinger’s cat, but still seems like a paradox.
    Speaking of Paradoxical maneuvers, DeJesus? I’m sure there some metrics involved, but I now expect some 2011 Cubbies to be traded in the coming months.

  • Matt

    Joe, Knowing you’re a Nickle Creek fan gives you huge props in my mind! I believe that Theo and Jed will be able to put together a much better team next year without sacrificing the future of the team. Should be a fun couple of months to see what happens!