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November 2011



Chet's Corner: Prepare for a Face Lift!

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There is no doubt in my mind the 2012 season will bring about change for the Chicago Cubs.  The win column may not see the effects yet, but the face, or faces of the team will change. 

Money be damned, we may even see some moves that were once thought of as ridiculous or impossible.  At least this is what the rumor mill is saying.  Here are a few examples from around the web:

Pujols and Fielder

According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports, the Cubs have significant interest in Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols.   Supposedly, Pujols is the front runner as the Cubs are liking his defense over Fielder.

Ever since the Soriano deal, albatross contracts scare me.  Granted, at least Pujols and Fielder have backed up the numbers they will get with year in year out play.  Soriano had one good season and was still strikeout/injury prone prior to the deal we gave him.

I still hear the comment echoing from the initial interview with Epstein when the Cubs hired him, “We want to pay for what a player will do, not what he has done.”

Does this fit that line of thinking?

Which brings us too…..

Alf0nso Soriano

Apparently there is a chance we could still move Soriano.  We would have to eat most of the $54 million left on his contract.  As Rosenthal writes here, there are teams “kicking the tires” on Soriano.

As long as those teams don’t kick to hard (he may get injured) then I am all for it.  Dump him, open up an outfield spot, and let’s be done with the worst contract ever in Cub history.

It will be deals like this that show me what Epstein and company are made of, and also how serious Ricketts is about winning.  If we can pull a prospect or two along then it could be a winner in the long run.


Ian Stewart & David DeJesus

On the incoming trade front we have David DeJesus and Ian Stewart.  Both players have been rumored by multiple outlets as players the Cubs might have interest in.  Ian Stewart is a former top ten pick of the Rockies and never really lived up to potential.  He is seen as a utility guy that can play third. 

David DeJesus is an outfielder who, up until last season with the A’s,  had a career .800 OPS and a consistent 3.0 WAR with Kansas City.  He is 31 and most likely on the downside of his career. 

Neither of these guys gets me excited.  I feel like we have plenty of this already.  

*Update (1:53pm CST): The Cubs signed David DeJesus to a 2 year deal worth $10 Million.  He will be the everyday right fielder. Details here.


Garza & Wells

Why would the Cubs, light on pitching talent, want to get rid of two young pitchers?  Answer: because it is the only commodity we have that will bring any young prospects to our farm system.  Buster Olney tweeted recently that the Cubs are ready to move Matt Garza if the deal is right.  Bruce Levine also chimes in on Garza here.

Meanwhile,  Jon Paul Morosi writes that the Cubs are willing to move Randy Wells.

I am pretty sure this means we are open for business.  Let the bidding commence!  If the Cubs are willing to shop these two guys, who is safe?

The answer is nobody!  Judging by the past three seasons, this isn’t a bad thing. I say clean house!

  • Dusty Baylor

    I don’t get getting rid of Garza. Young-ish…durable, and inexpensive. Oh, and the Cubs’ best pitcher. They still have to field a team in 2012 yeah? Get rid of Garza, and who in the hell is in the rotation?

    Rodrigo Lopez?
    Casey Coleman?

  • Chuck

    I would be on board for trading Garza for kids if it means the team is in full-blown rebuilding mode. However, subtracting Garza while adding Pujols makes no sense at all. You take two Phat steps forward then take a step back (unless you absolutely fleece some team) with that move when you need to take about 10 steps forward to be a good team.
    DeJesus: I welcome our 2012 Reed Johnson. A backup OF who can play all over and won’t kill you. If he starts, the Colvin experiment is officially over. You have Soriano in LF, Byrd in CF and DeJesus in RF. What a sea of mediocrity. If we move Soriano, my guess is that Jackson man’s CF and Byrd slides to LF.
    Stewart: He has the potential to be really bad. If you can’t hit in Colorado, you can’t hit anywhere. Hopefully this is not the “solution” at 3B. If it is it will be ugly I fear.
    So far I am not impressed or depressed with the offseason. I will be happy if Theo can pull a legit starting pitcher out of his hat.

  • I think you hit the nail on the head with DeJesus Chuck. I see Hoyer and Co. signing a lot of these types….decent OPS, not too mention Fangraphs has him as a 2.0 WAR… many cubs had a WAR above 2 last year?

  • Dusty Baylor

    So a good defensive, mediocr offensive team with little starting pitching. Great? I’d like to see a few more moves before making judgements…but this move make me say “meh.”

  • Doug S.

    Did I see Dempst as a No.1 in a post above?
    I only buy that if the rest of the clown rotation is:
    2. Buddy
    3. Doc Raker
    4. Jswanson
    5. BLPCB

    With Seymour Butts as closer.

  • Buddy’s heater is flat and Raker is due for a TJ surgery. A few towel workouts and I’ll have that #2 spot locked down in no time.

  • Buddy

    I might be a decent rotation choice in a whiffle ball league. Anyway, Soriano will still be a Cub in 2012 (unfortunately). Put me down as a “no” for Ian Stewart. His career onbase away from Colorado is something like .300.

  • Doc Raker

    Garza and Castro, the only 2 guys I would not trade. DeJesus for $10M for 2 and trading Garza, we are now a more expensive version of the Royals.
    * If Theo actually offers Pujols for his future performance he won’t get him. Pujols will be offered per his past performance and will not deliver on his contract and hopefully will not be a Cub. Fielder will have a gall bladder attack when he falls of the veggie bandwagon at Ditka’s Steak house before Memorial Day if he signs with the Cubs.

  • Buddy

    I can’t see Theo and the Theo-ettes overpaying for a position that is pretty easy to fill (compared to other positions on a major league team I mean).

  • Doc Raker

    I hope you are right Buddy

  • chris in illinois

    Proving again that Buddy and I are not the same person, I would welcome Albert or Prince.

  • Buddy

    I would welcome Albert or Prince if they would be reasonable on the length of contract.

  • In a can?

  • Buddy

    I would take them in a can. I would take them in a van. I would take them in a car. I would take them in a bar.

  • Dusty Baylor

    Doug S. -Please read my post more closely. I asked if the Cubs traded Garza, who would be in the rotation? I then listed Cubs starting pitchers from last season. Out of those pitchers left, wouldn’t Dempster be the “#1?”

  • Seymour Butts

    Anybody care to google Prince Albert?


    Doug – You don’t want me in your rotation. My career ERA is 81.00