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November 2011



Morning News: Suh, Johnson, and maybe some baseball!

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A Boy Named Suh: Ndamukong Suh may be required by the NFL to take anger management courses. Does he need to? Possibly. Mike & Mike told me the other morning that if you type “Ndamukong Suh is a dirty player” into the Google browser, you’ll get over 70,000 hits (I got 147,000 in 0.32 seconds). Yowza. I never really noticed anything about Suh other than his talent on the field, but then after seeing a few clips of some of his hits (and kicks and throwdowns), I was convinced. He is a dirty player. Does he deserve to be suspended? I think so. What’s the over/under for his suspension?

The Finest Form of Flattery?: Did anyone watch the Bills and the Jets on Sunday? No? You missed a great mimicry of Plaxico Burress (click the link to watch a short clip of it). It was hilarious. However, the NFL did not think it was hilarious. Steve Johnson will most likely be fined for his imitation of Burress. Is it that big of a deal? The Sanchize did throw an interception that preceded the touchdown, so they sort of shot themselves in the leg, right? C’est la vie.

Baseball News?: I have not seen anything groundbreaking from the baseball world, other than the Yankees and Garza may be communicating with each other. I like Garza. He was our best pitcher this year. We should keep him around for at least one more year.  But other than that news, there hasn’t really been anything very newsworthy. I cannot wait until Christmas Break when MLB Network will be watched incessantly by yours truly. World Series highlights from 1972? Don’t mind if I do!

  • lizzie

    Ahhh, Christmas Break, I am jealous. The first year out of college (many many many moons ago) I distinctly remember thinking “oh, no problem if I’m behind on that … I’ll just catch up over break.” And it was a true slap in the face when I realized: No more break. Ever! What a rude awakening to full-time life! LOL.

  • chet

    The line of scrimmage is the dirtiest place in football. It is not a place for the soft or faint of heart.
    A lot happens that we don’t see, especially in the middle of that line. We don’t know what was said or done to provoke Suh, or if anything was.

    I know this, if I have the choice I want Suh on the same side of the line as myself.

  • Doug S.

    As a Jets fan I watched the Jets/Bills game with a combination of anxiety, frustration, anger, then somewhat relief with the outcome. Johnson’s antics may have been funny to some, fine with me. But after that the clown dropped two sure TD passes and factored into the Bills loss. Weird justice.

    Presumably these acts are rehearsed. Solid game preparation.

  • Mordecai Brown

    Pro football is a contact sport and people get hurt with frequency. That doesn’t excuse kicking the opponent’s ribs or twisting his neck. I’m not even sure Suh wasn’t trying to kill himself a Packer last Thursday. Maybe four weeks of watching football instead of playing it would be a helpful attitude improver.

  • Chuck

    Well, according to Fox Sports, one of the first impacts of the new CBA is that the Cubs will devote more money to signing free agents than signing players via the draft because, well, they can’t devote extra money to the draft. Also, according to the article, the Cubs are targeting Pujols and Fielder.

  • Doc Raker

    I don’t like the CBA trying to engineer where teams spend money. Social engineering doesn’t work much to Barry’s dismay and it will not work in baseball. Baseball needs to split revenues more evenly and let the teams do as they wish. Negative unintended consequences as Chuck just referenced above is a hallmark of social engineering. See, “The Ownership Society” for our recent housing bubble.

  • Chuck

    I attribute the housing buble to rampant fraud and banks turning a blind eye to the actual qualifications of potential homeowners. I don’t need a lot of experience in the mortgage industry to understand that a person making $50k per year has no buisness getting a home loan for $250k.

  • Seymour Butts

    Suh does deserve his suspension. He took no ownership of his actions post game which is his pattern. Let him sit in the corner for a while.
    Nice GSW action, but win the game first. Are all athletes thugs, or just those with a low tooth-to-tattoo ratio?

  • Eddie Von White

    The bankers were turning a blind eye because the federal government was forcing them to do so. The rampant fraud can be traced directly to Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

  • Eddie Von White

    “A boy named Suh” – that’s awesome Katie.

  • Seymour Butts

    Johnny Cash thought so.

  • Memphis via Chicago

    My son made a big deal about Suh at the start of the season. I watched him play 5 minutes and turned to my son and said, “He’s over-hyped, a thug and I’m not a fan.”. Dude is a “dirty” player. My problem is, he takes shots at guys seemingly unprovoked. IF he was under control he’d be unbelievable, but with that nut job coach Detroit has, no chance. The whole team is talented enough, but wildly undiscipled. (wow, I just realized how that description fits my beloved Cubbies all too well).
    I have Detroit either missing the playoffs or losing in the first round.

    I am too emotionally attached to quality pitchers, like Garza, who are still getting better to feel good about trade talks. I just read where the Cubs are listening to offers or would consider moving him for the right package. Seems weird, seeing as how one of our biggest needs is starting pitching. Is Theo going to have to completely undo 8-9 years of Hendry to fix this thing? Should be an interesting ride.

  • Memphis via Chicago

    Oh, and I love the Johnny Cash reference. I think of that every time I see the Lions.

  • Buddy

    Stevie Johnson’s antics cost his team a penalty, so yes, it’s a big deal in my world.


    Did anyone see the other celebration he did? Pretending to fly a plane and crash it?
    Doc – I like how you’ve started referring to him as Barry also. Lousy president, hasn’t even changed sports. Change was supposed to be coming to sports as well, but nothing has happened. Whatever happened to that college football playoff, Barry?

  • Katie

    Yeah, BLCPB. That’s what he got the penalty for – going to the ground.


    Chuck – I am with you on that, but why were all these people accepting loans they knew they couldn’t pay off?
    My parents bought their first house in 1989, a house they could afford, with a 30-year mortgage. My dad payed it off in 12 years. In 2004, we bought a bigger house, and using the sale of our old house along with savings and a modest loan, got it, and my dad is in position to pay off the 15-year mortgage, having put 75% down at purchase time. We could have gotten a bigger house and loan, but my parents didn’t need to, They got it in a great location in the city they wanted, and didn’t want to be paying a bigger mortgage along with the higher costs of maintenance, insurance, utilities, and property taxes.

  • Doc Raker

    The government wanted banks to hand out loans to as many people as possible which is why Fannie and Freddie were Wall Streets biggest customers buying up the packaged mortgages as investments. Social engineering gone haywire.


    But you just criticized Barry for it, but Dubya was the one behind this

  • Eddie Von White

    BLPCB – Clinton started it during his admin.