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November 2011




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Happy Sunday, all. Hopefully everyone has recovered from their food coma after a fruitful Thanksgiving feast. Despite eating way too much, I have thoroughly enjoyed a couple days off from my hectic life relaxing with my family for more than 24 hours. But all things must come to an end, and that is why I bring you another compilation of witty comments, in an attempt to ease the pain of what is looming ahead.

The Wizzies

  • Positive: He’s not Mike Quade. Negative: I still can’t pronounce his last name.
  • Anyone else catch the story about Z getting nailed in the grill by a ball in winter league? Stitches in his lip. One can only hope that Michael Barrett was the batter…revenge is best served cold.
  • MLS? Is that a disease?
  • Uh…comparing missing DLee….to missing Hee Seop I Can’t Hit an Inside Fastball? Really?
  • That’s the genius of the humor Dusty Baylor, tongue and cheek, foot in mouth, finger up nose. VFTB commandment 11- don’t take everything seriously.
  • Little known fact: Reagan’s home run call was “TEAR…DOWN…THIS…WALL! Its a rouuuuuuund tripper!”
  • I’m thankful that one of the first things Theo did was toast Quade.
  • I over ate these past couple of days Buddy, don’t make my food come back up with that Pena talk of yours.

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Poll of the Week

What is the best offseason distraction?

a) Other sports (football, basketball, hockey, etc.)

b) Work

c) The holidays

d) Keeping up with baseball news

  • Buddy

    The best offseason distraction is the NFL. Another great season this year!


    Once the baseball season ends, or your team is out of it by July, football. Once the college football season ends, work and the holidays get you through. Once the holidays are over, everything comes to a standstill and it’s work that gets you through. I know there are still the NFL playoffs and the NBA, but college is over, and you aren’t guaranteed a game every Saturday the way you are in football. Things start picking up again towards the end of March with spring break and then the return of baseball.

  • Buddy

    College hoops take over in Jan and Feb!

  • flyslinger2

    For me it is hunting. Archery for deer in Maryland starts mid September and ends 1 Feb. We can have 20 to 30 “rats on stilts” in our neighborhood at anytime. It is a 25 mph zone and deer still get mushed. I was in the duck stand this last weekend. I was the self appointed chef (Smoked venison roast, smoked turkey and smoked salsa and chips all chased down with Sunny D) and I did all the photography while my friends shot at ducks and geese but didn’t kill a thing. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. I’m at the park right now with my 9 year old daughter and the are 4 deer eating the baseball diamond 200 year from me right now. It is illegal to hunt on Sunday and they know it. Dang things.

    I also go to West bygawd Virginia to hunt bear and more devout there. I’ll do that all during Christmas week.

    I’m an avid MD fighting Irish fan. They. Stunk up the field this last week against Stanford.

    Now I have this new distraction, with the initials, VFTB.

  • Doug S.

    The best MLB offseason distraction is other sports, notably the NY Jets and the UW Huskies. They keep my sports expectations low and humbleness alive and well as I wait for the next Cubs season.


    What about when those seasons are over?

  • Eddie Von White

    We have the NFL to keep us entertained. At our house we have football parties every Sunday after church. Food,fun, and football. By the time the Super Bowl rolls around, it’s Spring Training time. The Boys of Summer are back in the middle of winter.

    Work is always a good distraction. The 47% in this country who don’t pay income taxes are counting on us 53% to get the job done.


    There are plenty of super-rich people who are part of that 47%. Blame it on the tax code for deductions and exemptions. Before I got a second job life-guarding, there were years when I was part of the 47%, years where I was part of the 53%