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November 2011



Morning News: Talkin' Turkey Day

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Thanksgiving – the most American of holidays. We eat, watch football, nap, eat, watch football, eat, pass out. Freedom! Then we wake up from our food coma and spend the rest of the weekend prepping for the next holiday. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

Mascot For The Day – read about this lady if you dare, but it might be helpful in steering you away from seconds.

Tradition – typically on Thanksgiving Day, my Dad makes deep dish pizza. Nothing says eat until you’re sick like fantastic Chicago-style pizza on Thanksgiving Day. Anyone else care to fill us in on their familial traditions?

Thankful – enough tomfoolery. Tell me one thing you’re thankful for; only let’s have no repeating answers, so if someone says what you intended to say, dig deeper, pick something else – we all have so much to be thankful this shouldn’t be hard. I’ll get us started – I’m very thankful for my wonderful wife.

  • I;m thankful for good health fo r my family and myself

  • I’m thankful for our men and women in uniform

  • I’m thankful that one of the first things Theo did was toast Quade.

  • Doc Raker

    I am thankful for living in the greatest country in the history of mankind, still.

  • I am thankful that the Lord blessed me with my wife and beautiful, healthy children…

  • Katie

    I am so thankful for the opportunity to get a higher education. And for the Cubs 🙂


    Things I’m thankful for the last 2 years:
    No longer being a Bears fan
    Switching over to the Packers
    The Packers knocking the Bears out of the playoffs and winning the Super Bowl
    The Packers being 11-0 to start this year
    Meeting Tom and Todd Ricketts
    Delivering a pizza to Tom Ricketts
    Tom Ricketts finally listening to me and firing Jim Hendry
    Theo Epstein and the rest of the Chicago ex-Red Sox
    Mike Quade being canned
    Ohio State winning the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl (even if the latter was vacated,I hate the SEC)
    Braxton Miller
    Aaron Rodgers
    Derrick Rose
    Kobe Bryant
    Being a witness to the Queen losing, along with the 3 stooges
    Taking a massive dump in the $68,000 toilet at UIC and spitting on it
    Service trips with UIC’s Alternative Break Program to Florida (2x) and Memphis
    Graduating from UIC
    Quitting Domino’s
    Getting a new pizza delivery job, a place I didn’t even know, and one I wasn’t even looking for
    My internship with Disney
    And most of all, VFTB. I had been looking for a good Cubs blog/forum, and I finally found one. This place is great. I used to post at NSBB, but that place was overrun with White Sox and Cardinals fans, and I couldn’t express my hatred towards them without getting banned.

  • flyslinger2

    Very grateful to Christ my Saviour who has richly blessed me with family, friends and frivolity like VFTB!

  • CubbieDude

    I’m happy for being alive. Every day above ground is a good day!