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January 2012



  • Buddy

    Don’t much care, but I’d pick Garza if I was calling the shots.

  • cheezy

    Randy Wells or Matt Garza. Garza would be my 1st choice since he is our ‘Ace’ now. But Randy finished the season out pretty strong and that’s why I’d throw him into to convo.

  • Deezer

    Assuming Garza’s still around, I’m going for him. Why? He’s the best we got, plus, I REALLY want to see him pitch and I managed a ticket to opening day

  • Lizzie

    @cheezy – You gave me a chuckle because I completely forgot about Randy Wells. That’s probably saying something! Good catch though!
    @Deezer congrats! Wave to us! 🙂

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Currently I’m going with Garza, but I think there’s still a good chance he gets traded before Opening Day.

  • flyslinger2

    Dempster. His is a weird delivery and I’ve seen him both times I got to Cubs games here in DC. If he is on his game he could win the season opener.
    I think spring training will help iron this out but we can’t wait for that to start dreaming about opening day.
    I will have died and gone to heaven to ever have seats to opening day anywhere.


    Garza if he isn’t traded, Dempster if he is.
    Deezer – How did you get a ticket to opening day if tickets aren’t on sale yet?

  • gymjok

    I’d go with Garza.
    Some here have said they think Dempster has already started his downward slide. It’s possible, but I’m not convinced yet.
    I get the feeling he put extra pressure on himself at the beginning of last year. After a rough April he kept us in about 80% of his games after that. Maybe being out of the number one slot, he won’t put extra pressure on himself.

  • Timo

    b) and hoping that he signs a 3-4 year deal before opening day.
    If he gets trades Dempster, simply because he has been around so long.


    You want to give 3-4 more years to Dempster? I like him, but he is not worthy of that kind of contract

  • Doc Raker

    9IP, 5 hits, 2 unearned runs 5k, 1BB for the W
    2 for 4 with an RBI
    Having great fun in AZ with the Capn and Seymour

  • Keep the lines coming Raker! Updates for Cap, Sey, you, and Berg would be awesome. Have fun fellas…

  • Doc Raker

    Seymour played a solid 3rd base in the victory while the Cap’n added an RBI himself and played some solid defense at ss doing his best left handed Starlin Castro impression any lefty could do. The Cap’n also started on the mound in game 1 and did a fine job going 7 innings striking out 7 in a tough loss. We go against the vaunted Blue Sox today and will look to do an Aram today and gather some numbers.


    You guys need a 2B or OF? One of these days I will have to join. I played 2B and OF for 3 years

  • Doc Raker

    Always room for more players.


    Some year soon, I hope to be part of this

  • Dusty Baylor

    If’ he’s traded then Chuck Rainey.

  • Buddy

    I second the Chuck Rainey nomination.

  • Larry Sproul

    Garza if he is still a Cubbie . If not go with Wells !!

  • Evan

    If Garza is still around it’s a no-brainer. I guess if he’s gone I would go with Dempster, as he is somewhat less mediocre than the rest of the Cubs rotation.