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November 2011




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It’s that time again! The Magnificent Lights Festival in Chicago kicked off the holiday spirit this weekend. A chill in the air is FINALLY making it feel like mid-November. Christmas music is playing WAY too early on the radio. And you all get another edition of the best of the best this week!

The Wizzies

  • Just say ‘no’ to long term, high priced, relief pitchers.
  • If I can’t have Tony LaRussa, give me Satan. Satan could easily make a deal with himself in order to produce wins. Satan would be unlikely to lose an argument with an umpire as they are his subordinates. Satan could make the wind change directions depending on which team is batting. Carlos Zambrano would act like a choir boy, and finish the season with an Era around zero. The only down side would be any hispanic players in the minors with the first name of Jesus would need to be traded. No sense freaking out the new manager.
  • All of the front office personnel should be with held from “marital favors” by their spouses until they ramp up the pitching depth of the whole system.
  • Seattle sounds like the perfect place for Buerhle to sign a five-year deal for more money than he’s worth.
  • I hope I am wrong, it does happen every now and then…………………1978 I last recall.
  • I’ll be nervous if he starts in with the Starlie, Jeffie, Marmie stuff.
  • If the Cubs are chasing Grady Sizemore, they should catch him easily. He can barely walk after all the knee injuries.
  • I wonder if we’ve ever hired bald managers in succession. 
  • I hear that Sveum has already had the fungo out and has Castro’s defense top-notch. He also caught a bullpen session where he worked out Marmol’s heater. He is currently tossing bp in the cage to Byrd, and his patience at the plate is rapidly improving.
  • I guess it’s easier to spell than Samardzija.
  •  Sub-par-mardzija.
  • So you’re saying Rodrigo Lopez won’t win 300 games?
  • Shark’s only 288 shy of 300.

Top Wizzie Contributors


Doc Raker-41



Seymour Butts-23

Doug S.-21




Eddie Von White-11

Question of the Week

One positive and one negative about Dave Sveum. Aaaand go.


    Positive: He coached in Milwaukee for several years, so he should be able to give us the goods on a division rival, and neutralize Bruan.
    Negative: When he was a coach in Boston, he had a tendency to wave too many runners home, kind of like Windmill Wendall for us. Windmell Dave, they say

  • Buddy

    Until proven wrong, I’ll trust Theo and company to make the right decisions.

  • – less experience than Q
    + that probably doesn’t matter

  • Buddy

    Positive: He’s not Mike Quade.
    Negative: I still can’t pronounce his last name.

  • Doc Raker

    I had dinner with Wavin Wendell Kim.

  • Buddy


    “On this day in 2006, the Cubs signed Alfonso Soriano to an eight-year, $136MM deal. In five seasons with Chicago, Soriano has a line of .266/.320/.498 and has averaged 129 games per year.”


    Calculating that out.
    He has 54M left on his contract, meaning he has been paid 82M. He has played 645 games. He has been paid $127,131.78 for each game he has played so far. He’s only hit 132 HRs. That’s a whopping $621,212.12 per round tripper.


    If I could get that much for a round tripper, I would have enough money after taxes to buy a car and go to grad school

  • cap’n obvious

    If Dale Svuem is the answer, I can only assume the question is “who is the crappiest backup Brewer infielder of the mid-80’s?”

    Theo fail. No freaking way he is the guy. 3 more years (at least) down the crapper.

    Give me a Cub (Sandberg) or a guy with experience managing a big league winner (Maddon/Valentine/Francona). Shit, Lasorda is still alive…why the hell not? I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Brenly would have been a better choice. Dale Svuem kicked more balls than David Beckham when he played.

    Horrifying, yet, somehow not surprising.

  • Buddy

    Ernie Riles might have something to say about that, Cap.

  • MJ

    So Snadberg has now been passed up by three clubs, and yet we still have people proclaiming him the best managerial candidate??? WTF people. Get over your man crushes.

  • If Theo could have projected Buddy’s jump to the top of the Wizzies leader board, Sveum might not have received the position. I believe 80’s sitcom knowledge was weighted heavily in the selection process.

  • Buddy

    If it wasn’t, it should be!

  • Eddie Von White

    Wizzie gets her own Wizzie this week: Dave Sveum.

    Positive – We don’t know what kind of manager he will be for the Cubs.
    Negative – We don’t know what kind of manager he will be for the Cubs.

    I just hope Theo knows something about “Dave” that I don’t because he doesn’t seem all that impressive. But again, I am going to trust Theo’s judgment and hope he proves me right to do so.

  • Dusty Baylor

    80’s Sitcoms!!!! WOOHOO!! I knew watching Too Close For Comfort and AfterM*A*S*H would come in handy someday!