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November 2011



The Astros are Moving

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The Astros are Moving: The Astros have been sold and they will be moving to the American League by the year 2013. Bud Selig thinks all of this is a “historical” event and it will be a long term change. Because of this move, the playoff scene in the MLB will be changed around a bit. There will be 10 playoff teams and another one-game wild card playoff added to the schedule. Longer playoffs? My dream come true (note the sarcasm)! Does this mean that the World Series will end in November or will the regular season be shortened to make room for more playoffs? Hopefully somebody besides will occupy the basement of the NL Central when the Astros leave.

Other News:

  • Clayton Kershaw won the NL Cy Young. It’s the first time since Orel Hershiser that a Dodgers starter has won the award. Justin Verlander won the AL Cy Young in a unanimous vote. Will a pitcher be the MVP?
  • Remember the Bears-Lions game last Sunday? Does anyone remember the color of Earl Bennett’s shoes? Neither do I. But the NFL didn’t like the hue of orange they were and fined him $10,000 for it. Isn’t that a bit steep for a pair of shoes?
  • The Broncos pulled off another win last night. They’re now 5-5, and 4-1 since Kyle Orton was relieved of his duties as starter.
  • The new CBA is supposed to be announced. Lockout free for 6 more years! Thank goodness for baseball.
  • Buddy

    The Jets got “Tebowed!”

  • flyslinger2

    They’ll be using industrial strength leaf blowers to blow snow off of the seats and mound to complete the World Series. More money is what it is about.

  • chris in illinois

    I do believe that the idea of adding a second wild-card will include a one-game playoff between the two wildcard teams and then straight into the playoffs just as we have seen the last several years. The idea apparently is to hamstring the wildcard entrant into the playoffs while destroying further the meaning of the regular season…that second part is mine not MLB’s.

  • chris in illinois

    In other words, I don’t recall lots of snow in St. Louis the day after the World Series ended.

  • Eddie Von White

    Chris – it can happen – snow in St. Louis during the WS that is. But that new manager they have won’t have the magic that other guy had.

    Fly – I like industrial strength anything. Next thing you know they will want to play the WS in warm weather climates like they do the Super Bowl.

    Buddy – fun game to watch. I told my son when the Jets got the ball back with 58 seconds to go that Sanchez didn’t have it in him to bring them back. He’s no Joe Montana. Sadly, the media has tried to make him into a great quarterback when he actually is in the Tony Romo category – “Ho hum I hope he doesn’t screw up – again.” I like the Jets because they are the “other” New York team. But I admit Rex Ryan grates on me a little – but I still like him.

    Katie – orange hue – those guys know the rules – but yes the NFL is a bit over the top, but it’s all about marketing. The players have to tow the line.

    MVP – I agree with John Kruk – a pitcher shouldn’t get it, they’re only out there one out of every 5 games for 6 or 7 innings at best. Just saying…

    What’s the CBA and who is in it?

  • Dusty Baylor

    The Jets got “Sanchez’ed” Oof….


    1. I hate the Astros. I’m glad they will be gone. I don’t like much about the state of Tex-ass. The only time I’ll be rooting for them is vs. the White Sox and Cardinals.
    2. I don’t think a pitcher will be MVP. Until they have an individual award for best hitter, then no pitcher shall win it in my book. I hope the UIC alum Granderson wins it.
    3. This is Bennett’s second fine for it, the first one was 5 grand and the NFL told him they’d double it if he did it again.
    4. And Godboy continues to suck at passing. 9 for 20 ain’t cutting it in the NFL
    5. To the NBA:

  • Chuck

    The NFL marketing machine is based on keeping 99% of players nameless, faceless robots on the football field. No individuality will be tolerated.

  • Norm

    I think this year will be pretty close for Verlander MVP. Not that he deserves it, but I think, at worst, he’ll be top 3.

  • MJ

    I love how we went from two Divisions, then to three, now back to two. MLB, stop tinkering and let it be. You’re making oodles of money, so it doesn’t matter. Baseball is imperfect, that’s why it’s awesome.

    $10K on the orange shoes is because it’s the second week he wore them ($5K fine last week).

  • Buddy

    Forget Joe Montana. Mark Sanchez isn’t even Joe Mantegna. Tony Romo is a lot better than “the Sanchize” as well.

  • Doc Raker

    Houston and Texas will be playing each other a lot making for a good rivalry. Why have a marathon 162 game season to see who has the best marathon roster and then allow two 2nd place teams into the playoffs? The wild card does mock the 162 game season a bit.

  • Doc Raker

    I would like to see playoffs scheduled like the regular season with a max of 1 day off a week to make the playoffs more like the regular season.

  • Norm

    Technically, yes, there will be 2 wild card teams in the playoffs.
    But it’s like a play in game between those two teams for the right to play the #1 seed.

  • More baseball is a good thing. It is just too bad that the technology doesn’t exist to “enclose” things.

  • Chuck

    Domes are for whimps. Baseball should be played outside on grass. Period. Football should be played outside on grass. Period. Nut up and deal with weather.


    But you can’t play baseball in heavy rain like you can football. Football is played in all conditions except lightning. You can’t do that with baseball.

  • Eddie Von White

    Chuck – Rock on!

  • Prediction: all teams who are serious about playing baseball in October and November in the Northern US will have stadiums that strongly resemble Miller Park. Minus the water slide.

  • MJ

    Inclement weather = double header, which in turn is baseball awesomeness.

  • I’m all for double headers. Speaking of which, has Theo made any progress on acquiring Old Hoss Radbourn?

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Nice, jswanson. Do you know who runs that Twitter page? Hilarious stuff.

  • I just checked that feed…pretty good. Must be a guy in Denver. I was just alluding to Chuck’s rotation idea for 2012.

  • CubbieDude

    Astros are moving? Great! Better them than us.

  • Buddy

    Bill Doran is going to be pissed.