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November 2011



Pitchers and Managers: The Hunt Continues

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Thought #1:

Theo said: “Tito and I have spoken regularly since the end of the season,” Epstein said. “We actually spoke today. We are going to sit down together and see if it’s a fit.

“Clearly he would be at the top of anyone’s list as available managers. That’s probably true of any organization looking for a manager with experience and who is a proven winner. He has to be at the very top of the list. I think he has to figure out if this is right for him, and then as we continue our process and figure out where we are headed, we have to figure out the right fit in this organization, too.”

Apparently, Terry Francona is at the top of Theo’s ideal managers list. Naturally, because the Theo/Tito combo worked very well in Boston for many years (until September. Then it was kind of bad). The only thing that is a bit bothersome about hiring Francona is that he and Theo have some history. Along with history, there is bound to be some baggage. Do we want to bring that into Theo’s new relationship with the Cubs? But other than that, he would be a fantastic manager.

However, the man leading off the managerial for the Cubs interviews is Pete Mackanin, who has already been interviewed by Boston. Boston, Chicago, and St. Louis will probably overlap with many interviewees. Theo had started searching for new managerial candidates before he left Boston, so some of the guys on the list for Chicago will be the same as Boston. St. Louis wants a good manager, but something tells me they might just pick a manager to keep the Cubs from getting a good one. It seems like a St. Louis thing to do.

Thought #2: Jamie Moyer (yes, that Jamie Moyer) threw for scouts the other day. He is 49 years old, and is apparently looking as good as he ever has. The last time he pitched was in 2010, with 9-9 record and a 4.84 ERA before undergoing Tommy John surgery. The Cubs need pitching; Would you consider adding him to the rotation?

  • Buddy

    I would have to pass on Jamie Moyer, though I hope somebody signs him.

  • Doug S.

    Pass on Moyer. Although he’s younger than I am, he’s too damn old.

  • Dusty Baylor

    Heard a good Mackanin story this morning…apparently while he was the Iowa Cubs mgr in 1989, the Cubs brass came to visit…and there was a picture of Zimmer and Jim Frey that was being used as a dartboard. He was fired at the end of the season. Lol….I dunno if that’s true, but it’s funny.

    No on Moyer. Too old….

  • Chuck

    #1 One good thing about Theo hiring Francona is that every player knows, without a doubt, that Theo has his back.
    #2 Why the heck not? Don’t do anything crazy like a multi-year deal. But, a one-year deal for a couple million? Why not? If he can pitch, he can pitch and the Cubs need pitching.

  • Eddie Von White

    It’s only natural to bring in people you know. I don’t think Francona and Epstein’s baggage is a big deal. Everyone has a little baggage. At the start of a new job, you check it at the door. There’s just too much optimism to dwell on the old.

    I have always like Jamie Moyer ever since his days with the Cubs. Being a lefty myself, lefties are always on the top of my like list. He probably doesn’t have a lot left (no pun intended), but he could bridge a gap for us if he’s good for 5 innings or so. He might still have some junk in the trunk. I’m not against giving him a shot. He won’t cost much.


    Idk if Tito would be a good move with all the personal stuff going on in his life at this time. Maybe down the road but not right now.
    Moyer couldn’t hurt. Low-risk move. I think he wants 300 wins before hanging it up. 33 away

  • Yes on Moyer. Make him the closer. We haven’t had the best luck with the hard-throwing young guys…let’s try instead an old guy who wants to get to bed. Motivation.

  • mrbaseball2usa

    Sign Moyer to a minor league, incentive-laden deal, and see what he still has in the tank.

  • MJ

    Can someone tell me how Phil Rogers still has a job????

  • Flo

    Sorry but I think Francona is overrated. He never had a winning season with the Phillies and he (just like Theo) inherited a good situation/core of talent when he came to the Red Sox.

    Absolutely no on Moyer.

  • Chuck

    In general, the effect of a manager is overrated.

  • Buddy

    Agreed Chuck. Having said that, I’m rooting for Francona.

  • Gary

    Moyer is the type that could win 6 games by Memorial Day. Then the wind turns around and he is lucky to win 3 more June-September. Thats why this is a tough GM job. Have to retrofit your club for two home parks.

  • Randall

    Nope on Moyer. The move should be to get WAY YOUNGER guys and build your farm. Jamie does not fit the Epstien profile. As far as Francona, I really could not care. I was really rooting for Sandberg and got burned again. I just have to trust that Theo and his track record will work for Chicago. My guess is that Z will be back, Dempster is back, Cashner will be back and so will Garza and Wells. Really we are looking for one maybe two starters. Mark Buehrle could be one and maybe Bruce Chen. Dont expect the Cubs to go crazy with spending on pitching.

  • Allan Bendert

    Why not sign him? Sign him to a minor league contract with an invite to the Spring Camp and see what happens. He isn’t any worse than anyone else the Cubs ran out of the bullpen. I don’t see him as a starter anymore.

  • Doc Raker

    Did I mention Jamie Moyer came up with the Cubs in 1986?

  • Buddy

    I’m no GM, but as a general rule signing old men who throw 80 is a bad idea.

  • Doc Raker

    I agree with Buddy and most probably Norm and Chris since they are one person in that signing old men is usually a bad idea. But given the Cubs wafer thin rotation Moyer may be able to fill some innings if even out of the bullpen as a long reliever, that may be a big roll for the 2012 Cubs. I certainly would not pay him much more than the minimum. Although a bullpen roll for a 49 year old may be a difficult roll seeing that it will take on average 94 minutes for a 49 year old to get loose.

  • Buddy

    Doc may be on to something. I’ve never seen Chris and Norm in the same room at the same time. I wonder if Perry White or Lois Lane have noticed the same thing.

  • chris in illinois

    I am most certainly my own person (though my wife might disagree)…Francona would be OK, I’m just looking for someone who won’t make me want to punch a wall. As far as Moyer goes, why not? If they have to sign 10-11 guys for the rotation so poor James Russell doesn’t ever have to contemplate starting again, then I’m for it.