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October 2011



Who are YOUR teams?

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I think it’s obvious, seeing that we’re reading a Cubs blog, that we all share a common bond of being a Cub fan. From there, it tends to branch out. My question to you is who are your teams? Here are mine.


Chicago Bears – I’m from Chicago so the Bears are my main team in the NFL. I watch them every opportunity I can despite being in NC.

NY Giants – This one goes back to the middle school days playing Techmo Super Bowl. I grew up loving Lawrence Taylor because of that game and even now pull hard for the Giants.

Baltimore Ravens – This is a newer one for me. I needed an AFC team to root for and because Baltimore is the closest one and they have my favorite NFL player in Ray Rice, they make the cut. Plus, I’ve always been a sucker for a good defense and the Ravens continually bring it.


Chicago Bulls – I went through about a 3 or 4 year stretch where I pulled for the teams playing the Bulls because I was mad at MJ for retiring and then just up and unretiring. When the dust settled, I went Brokeback Mountain on the Bulls and told them “I wish I knew how to quit you.”


University of Illinois – I really want to cheer for them for football in addition to basketball but they’re just so bad on a consistent basis. As a result, it’s the basketball team that I live and die with. After the Cubs, they’re my # 2 favorite team, followed by the Bears.

Notre Dame – Here is where my NCAA football needs (as small as they are) get met. I look at my need for college football about the same way as most women look at a need for sex. They’re fine with it if they have too, and even enjoy it at times, but in the end if they never had to again, that’d probably be OK too. Until the NCAA gets a playoff system, my interest ends with the first Irish loss.

Other Sports

I’ll watch any sport. I love competition. Among the lessers, I cheer for the Blackhawks. I don’t get to see any of their games because I don’t have the NHL package and don’t have Versus, but I know who’s on the team.

How about you?

  • ccak123

    hey! finally one that I won’t make myself look stupid on by responding!

    As bad as they are this year, the Colts have always been my favorite team. This year just proves how valuable Peyton was to the team. People can criticize the defense this year, but with Peyton as quarterback, the defense sees a lot less of the field.

    Notre Dame (football), Indiana University (basketball)
    -get my hopes up every year, crush them within weeks. Sound familiar?

    Indiana Pacers. No one can call me a bandwagon jumper on this one. For some reason I’m reasonably content rooting for mediocre teams…

  • Buddy

    NFL–Oakland Raiders
    NBA–Boston Celtics
    NCAA–University of Illinois
    Other MLB–Detroit Tigers (my wife’s favorite team)

    I too will watch just about any baseball, football, or basketball game. Hockey and golf are OK, but a notch below the major sports for me.


    My screen name indicates who I root for

  • Eddie Von White

    NFL – Packers – They’re our home team.

    Panthers – No reason, just have always liked them – Reggie White played there after he retired here and I like Cam Newton.

    Colts – agree with ccak123 about them.

    NCAA – Wisconsin – Football, Basketball, Hockey – They’re the home team. They have good coaching. Are fun to watch. I don’t care at all for Notre Dame.

    NBA – Phoenix Suns – I wander from the home team on this one. I lived in Phoenix for 5 years back when the Suns gave the Lakers a run every year. Went to America West Arena all the time – became a huge Suns fan. Cheered for them against the Bulls in the finals only to have John Saxon sink them in game 6.

    NHL – Chicago Blackhawks. My brothers and I used to gather around the radio on cold Wisconsin nights and listen to Lloyd Pennant announce their games on WGN radio – “Shot – AND A GOAL!!!”

  • MJ

    NFL – Bears
    NCAAB – Duke (went to school with Chris Collins so, I’ve followed the program ever since)
    NCAAF – Notre Dame
    NBA – Bulls
    NHL – Don’t really follow it. I just can’t get excited about hockey.

  • Katie

    NFL: Packers, and anybody who is the opponent of: Minnesota, New England, or Denver. When the Broncos beat GB in the Super Bowl, my little 6 year old heart was broken. They’ve been the bad guy ever since.
    NBA: Bulls. The Jordan Era was my childhood. Growing up near Chicago made it nearly impossible to root for anyone else.
    Other MLB: Tampa Bay. BJ Upton hand-delivered me a ball this summer. They’ll be my #2 for life.
    NCAA: Wisconsin. I don’t really get in to college sports otherwise.

  • Doug S.

    Living in Vancouver Canada we don’t have a lot of home teams that are natural to cheer for.
    Cubs – Just wanted to mention why. Been to Chicago quite a few times and always loved the city. On one visit in the early 90s, went to Wrigley. That was it. Fell in love with the area, the stadium, the team, you name it. Smitten (or cursed) for life.
    Other MLB – Seattle Mariners (closest pro team)
    NFL – NY Jets. Love NY City too. This love affair started in 1978
    NCAA Football and hoops. Washington Huskies, fun games to go to.
    Way down the list is:
    NBA – Phoenix Suns (Steve Nash)
    NHL – Vancouver Canucks – you can’t ignore them in this city. A lot of their fans are jerks.

  • Eddie Von White

    Should of said Paxon, not Saxon.

  • mrbaseball2usa

    NFL: Da’ Bears and New Orleans (Dad is from Chicago, and I am from Baton Rouge)
    NBA: Da’ Bulls, though I despise the NBA as a whole
    NHL: Da’ Blackhawks
    NCAA: LSU (see NFL) and Alabama (I graduated from The Capstone)

  • chet

    MLB – Only two teams….

    National League = Cubs (I have lived in Chicago for 15 years and have cheered the Cubs from day one)

    American League = Detroit Tigers (I am originally from Detroit)

    NFL – Only one team counts….

    Detroit Lions = no matter how bad they are I keep coming back. We will have our day!

    College Football/Basketball/Hockey…..Only one team….

    WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY (I graduated from here. That is really all you need to know. I have a strict policy: If you went to a Divison 1A school and you do not openly root for that school above all others you are a douchebag. If they have football, that is your team….if they have basketball, ditto! You don’t root for Ohio State if you went to Cinci or Ohio U or Miami U……you don’t root for Michigan if you went to Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan or Central Michigan. I am not saying you can’t have a rooting interest in one of the “big boys” , just saying no pulling for them above your own alma mater.
    That being said, professional sports is a different bag, jump allegiances at will!

    NHL – Detroit Red Wings

    NBA – Who the hell cares.

  • Dusty Baylor

    MLB- Cubs. Nuff said
    NBA Bulls…..sesing a pattern?
    College B-Ball- Bradley Braves Baby! (I grew up in Peoria)
    College Football- Hmm…I don’t really watch much..but whoever is playing Michigan or Notre Dame.
    Hockey- always followed the Hawks

  • MLB: I do not watch baseball other than the Cubs and (some of) the playoffs. I’m rooting for the Rangers, but only because they have never won a series and they are playing the Cardinals.

    NFL: Life long Packers fan (since early sixties) but I will watch most any NFL game and find a reason to root for one of the teams playing.

    NCAA: I arrived at Indiana University in 1973 with zero interest in basketball. I left loving (college, er, Indiana ) basketball. Winning the NCAA championship while enrolled as a student will do that I guess. I watch IU basketball and the NCAA tourney. Football? I look in at IU games to see how bad they are this year.

    That’s it.

  • If I must pluralize team, I’ll go ahead and throw my alma mater in the mix. So, my teams are the Cubs and Montana State Bobcats. Even if I had spare time, I can think of seventeen million things I would rather do than plant my ass on the couch and idly watch sports.

  • flyslinger2

    MLB: Cubs, of course. Pre-Nats it was Orioles as they were close (28 miles), awesome new stadium (and it is still nice) and Cal Ripken, Jr.

    NFL: former ‘Skins fan. Dropped them like a hot potatoe when Snyder bought them. I know him on a professional level and he is as much of an ass in communications as he is as a t4eam owner. Now it is the Ravens and anyone who can spank the ‘Skins.

    NCAA: Notre Dame. I lived 30 minutes from Mecca (the stadium!) My dad was an usher for the home games so I always got in free. He ushered there for so long that when he retired he got a gold pass. He could get into any game with any guest. It was at a game with my date, the now lovely and talented Mrs. Flyslinger, that I looked at her (it was a beautiful fall day, light breeze, clear sky, sun just beating down) and we had our first kiss. And then our second. Third. O.K. you get the gist. We missed a lot of the rest of the game. It’s a blur to me!

    NHL: CAPS!

    NBA: After watching years of H.S. and college basketball growing up in northern Indiana (heartland for basketball IMHO) I cannot take the NBA in any form or fashion. It’s a glorified dunk fest. It is not sporting in anyway and I don’t care how much you try to line your arguments up to the contrary you won’t change my opinion.

    Women and sex: Since you inadvertently added that to the list of spectator sports I’ll try to chime in. I haven’t really settled on a team yet. I’m not really sure if I like the fact that there is no playoff system. The annual draft is a very convoluted and mentally challenging system to navigate. The Free agent structure is a nightmare to understand. To choose a player off of waivers, etc. is like pulling teeth-painfull and leaves you with a hole to fill. And don’t get me started on the farm team system. The way the players band together and unite against management is enough to make you consider a new line of work.

  • Timo

    MLB – Cubs
    NFL – Colts (spend my first time in the US in Indiana and they already had Payton, so there was and is no other choice)
    NBA – Mavericks (as German a natural choice as long as Dirk plays)
    NCAA – California (totaly agree with chet, since as a German I never graduated from an American college I naturally choose the one I attended for some time)
    NHL – never understood the game, so I pass on that sport

  • Doc Raker

    Anaheim Ducks, Blackhawks and Da Bearss. What is this NBA people speak of?

  • Joe


    Next time I hit a Nats game, you should join me. Usually Tom C goes with if I can pry him away from the pizza place.

  • Chuck

    NFL: I am a nominal Chiefs fan. If they are on and I am bored, I will watch for a bit. If not, I son’t care. I usually don’t watch NFL because I have no idea who is on the team from year to year.
    NBA: Go Bulls! NBA and MLB are the sports I enjoy to watch the most aside from teams my kids are on.
    NCAA: Go Cyclones! I have to support my alma mater.
    Other sports: USSSA baseball and youth league football and basketball.
    I have little time for most non-youth sports.

  • flyslinger2

    @Joe – would love to. The stadium is 10 miles from my home.


    Actually Eddie, it’s John Paxson
    Chet – I went to UIC, they have no football team, but they have a basketball team no one cares about. I only went to 1 game in my 5 years there and it was for a fundraiser for a club. I would root for Ohio State over UIC in a heartbeat. Most of my OSU buddies never went to Ohio State, but they went to schools like Akron, Toledo, Kent State, Ohio, and they will all cheer for the Buckeyes over these schools. The Buckeyes are Ohio’s identity, the same way the Huskers are to Nebraska.

  • Allan Bendert

    MLB The Tigers and the Cubas
    NFL Don’t really care after all we haven’t had professional football in Detroit for 30 years. Maybe this year but things seem to be turning sour.
    NHL Wings
    NBA No one I really hate Pro B Ball and won’t even watch it.
    NCAA Michigan State all the way baby! Football basketball it doesn’t matter I am a Spartan and bleed Green and White. Of course I am moving to Tampa tomorrow so I suppose I will have to add the Rays and the Bucs and maybe the Lightening

  • Greg

    MLB- Chicago Cubs. AL team would be the Minnesota Twins. The White Sox divisional rival and I love Harmon Killebrew. Old black and white HR Derby anyone?
    NFL- Chicago Bears
    NHL- Chicago Blackhawks. I’ve been a Hawks fan since I was born in the early 90’s, and have always been obsessed with hockey.
    NCAA- Football: Iowa Hawkeyes. I’m currently a student and have been a fan since 2004. Basketball: Whoever I pick to win the tournament.
    Soccer- Arsenal. I love European Football.
    NBA- ….

  • Seymour Butts

    Gotta say first I love the way Fly thinks.
    MLB-Cubs of course, will also root for anyone playing the Yankees.
    NFL- Pack. Grew up in Rensselaer, IN when the Bears were training there, but they sucked, so Naturally I followed the pack. (have autographs of Sayers and Piccolo, Bobby Douglas…)
    NBA- Bulls and Lakers. I guess that’s Phil Jackson in reality.So I’m OK with a cancelled season at this point.
    NHL- Had a great year a couple of seasons ago, when they cancelled it. Less chaff to weed thru on ESPN when the lesser sports don’t play.
    NCAAF- ND and whoever is playing Nebraska(Med School at Creighton, hate the Huskers).
    NCAAB- Indiana, so don’t watch much last few years.
    ASAL (American Sexual adventurer’s League) Chicago Cunilinguists- You tend to stick with the teams you grew up rooting for.


    Seymour – I also became a Lakers fan bc of Phil. Who do you root for when they play each other?

  • Kris

    NBA–Bulls (although the NBA has really lost favor with me over the last few years, and the lockout is not helping)
    NHL–Blackhawks. Got into it about 4 years ago when more games were televised, and now I love it.
    NCAA–Wish they televised Illinois Wesleyan basketball games! Go Titans! Since I went to a D3 school, I’m just not that into NCAA football or basketball games that are actually nationally televised.
    NCAAWB–The exception to my lack of NCAA interest is women’s basketball. I was once a fierce loyalist to UCONN, but I have to admit an equal love of Tennessee thanks to Pat Summit.
    WNBA–Chicago Sky and Indiana Fever (Tamika Catchings!). I’ve followed the league since it started and wish it had been around when I was a kid.
    Other–Not sure why, but I love watching swimming and can’t wait for the Summer Olympics.

  • Kris

    Way to stay classy, Seymour.


    Kris – I love swimming too, because I was on the swim team in HS. I want to see Michael Phelps kick some major ass in London.

  • Mark in Toronto

    NFL – Buffalo Bills (yes the same Bills that lost all those Superbowls one after another)
    NBA – Chicago Bulls (growing up watching Michael Jordan made me a fan)
    NHL – Buffalo Sabres (was never a fan of our local Maple Leafs, so as a kid they were a natural choice being the next closest team to Toronto)
    NCAA Football – Penn State (had a friend that went there and been following them ever since)


    Speaking of the Bulls, 27 years ago today, Michael Jeffery Jordan made his NBA debut. The best there ever was. The best there ever will be.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    MLB – Cubs, and whoever is playing the Cardinals
    NFL – Bears
    NHL – Blackhawks, and the Redwings as long as they’re not playing the Blackhawks
    NCAA Football – Oklahoma State Cowboys

    I don’t like basketball, so I rarely watch more than one or two Gus Johnson March Madness games a year. I do sometimes cheer for the Clippers or the Celtics, but that’s just to annoy all my Laker-fan friends here in LA.

  • Buddy

    Flyslinger, do you have any interesting Daniel Snyder stories that can be shared on this site?

  • Lando87

    MLB – Cubs are my favorite sports team. Period.
    NFL – St. Louis Rams are my team (Yes, I’m a masochist), but I’ll root for the Bears and Broncos as well (I was a huge Elway fan as a kid)
    NBA – Da Bulls (How bout that Derrick Rose?), product of growing up during Jordan-era
    NHL – Grew up loving Super Mario and the Penguins, but I root for the St. Louis Blues casually
    NCAA Basketball – SLU, because I went there. I like watching college basketball in general though.
    NCAA Football – only have a fleeting interest

  • Doug S.

    One of the great things about VFTB is no trolls from rival teams sites coming here to stir up sh!t.
    NY Jets Internet boards are full of Patsies and Dolphins fans that just go there to dump on the Jets. Annoying.

  • Randy

    NFL: Denver Broncos
    NCAA: University of Texas and Baylor
    NBA: Everyone not named the Lakers
    NHL: wut¿!?

  • chet


    If Phil Jackson went to the Clippers would you have become a Clippers fan even if they had continued sucking??

  • Doug Bagley

    1) Cubs
    2) Notre Dame
    3) Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Jedi

    No Rugby League fans? Leeds Rhinos, NZ Warriors…anyone?

  • chris in illinois

    1. Braves. Grew up a Braves fan, first game at Fulton County in 1976…caught a Rafael Ramirez foul ball in 1985, of course so did the other 786 people there that night. Became a Cub fan by marriage in 1997…always loved Wrigley and the wife/stadium combo has worked to make the Cubbies my #1. Weird. Once Chipper retires, my transformation will likely be complete.

    2. Used to follow Illini basketball—attended school there in the late eighties, played lots of pickup games with Gill, Anderson, Small, Battle, Liberty etc—just don’t really care anymore…good players leave too soon and the pretension of amateurism is grating.

    3. The only other sport that I actually care about anymore is the World Cup every four years…i was in DC last year during the Cup and it was magical.

  • Eddie Von White

    I have one word for you: Blake Griffin.

  • CubbieDude

    I’m not much into spectator sports (except for the Cubs, that is).
    NFL: I was a big time Bears fan during the ’60s, and the ’85 season was the best. Lately, however, they seem somewhat rudderless.
    I can appreciate how good the Packers and Patriots are, but I don’t identify with them.
    NBA: Enjoyed the Bulls during the Jordan/Jackson years. Since then the NBA doesn’t do much for me.
    NHL, NCAA, etc. Not on my radar.
    HCRA/OHCRA: I did once paddle for the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club, so they’re a sentimental favorite.
    Jedi: I enjoyed the All Blacks when I was in New Zealand, but they’re kinda far away now. By the way, I loved New Zealand.
    BLPCB: So, I’m guessing “BLPCB” = “Bulls, Lakers, Packers, Cubs, Buckeyes”. Close?
    I have favorite bicycling teams in the Tour de France each July, but I don’t usually follow them the rest of the year.

  • Jedi

    I have one word for you: Blake Griffin.

    That has to be an unintentional Wizzie, right?


    CubbieDude, switch around Bulls and Buckeyes and you got it


    I don’t think Phil would go to a team with such a dickwad of an owner



    If college football had a playoff, do you think Notre Dame should continue to get special treatment or should they have to earn their bid? Me personally, I think they either ought to join a conference, or earn an at-large bid, because their special treatment screwed Oregon out of a BCS bid in 2005, even though the Ducks were ranked higher than Notre Dame.

  • Joe


    I’ve wanted to see them join the Big Ten for a long time. I’d love to see the them add 4 more to make the 16 team super conference. My wants would be Missouri, Notre Dame, Rutgers, Pittsburgh.

    I don’t know why they get special treatment. The fact that someone agreed that was OK is mind boggling.

  • MLB – AL: Joe got me into the Rays when he had the other Ray of Light blog, it used to be the A’s. I hate the Mets and the Cards
    NFL – Da BEARS! and the Browns and whomever plays the squealers. The squealers are my most hated sports team, ever.
    NBA – Da Bulls and the 76ers (first NBA game was the sixers at the spectrum)
    NHL – Da Hawks and whomever plays the penguins…
    NCAAB – Syracuse Orange (entire side of Dad’s family born, raised in Syracuse) and VCU (yeah, I jumped on the bandwagon but since I live near Richmond and my VALPAK rep gets me free tickets, I kinda have gotten into them)
    NCAAF – Syracuse Orange and Monmouth Hawks (grew up in Monmouth County and was a bedbug on the college radio station!)

  • Eddie Von White

    Jedi – Actually, I stole that idea from Cincinnati Reds pitcher Joaquin Andujar who, during an ESPN interview in the 80’s said: “Baseball can be summed up in one word, ‘You never know.'”

    Seriously, I can cheer for the Clippers thanks to Blake Griffin.

    And… if you recall, after MJ signed his first huge contract with the Bulls he announced that either head coach Doug Collins had to go or he did. Of course, Collins got the boot and Mike hand-picked Phil to be promoted from assistant coach to head coach. The rest is history – but both Mike and Phil lost my respect then and there never to be recovered again – not that they or anyone else cares, but I do. I won’t buy Hanes either.

  • Kris


    I was a too young in MJ’s early days to know much about what was going on. But Doug Collins and his family lived in my town. The word around here was that there were some inappropriate dalliances that Doug was involved in, and that’s why he was sent on his way. (Have no idea what the true story is, but that one stuck with me because of the local connection.)

    Just curious–even if you don’t like MJ, why would you hold it against Phil that he got promoted? He didn’t create the situation, even if he did benefit from it. I’m not a fan of the guy anymore, but he did bring us six championships.

  • Eddie Von White

    My understanding at the time was that Mike and Phil were in on it together but got a pass because of the MJ hysteria. To this day Doug Collins feels like he got a bad deal from those two. I would love to see Phil Jackson take a mediocre team and see what he could do with it.

    It’s not that I don’t like either one of them – no one can argue with their success. It’s just that when the media makes and markets a superstar, I’m a bit reluctant to join in. Michael made it legal to travel everytime he touched the ball – which made it possible for some of his heroics. But that’s a whole nother story. Kudos to the Bulls and their six championships. I doubt that will ever be duplicated.

  • Katie Cernek

    Lebron won’t do it.


    The Queen had a chance but he blew it when he decided to form the 3 stooges.


    I’m not in favor of these 16-team super-conferences. It’s completely throwing college sports upside down. What we need is a 16-team playoff, each of the 11 conferences gets an automatic bid, no limit to the number of bids a conference can get, no special rules for Notre Dame or any independent. Either join a conference or earn an at-large bid. How does Oregon get left out when they are ranked higher than Notre Dame? In 2005, there were 8 BCS bids, 6 given to the conference champions, then we got one under the automatic 3-4 rule, and then the last one should have gone to Oregon.

  • Noah

    Baseball- Cubs. I’d have to say if I had a favorite AL team, it’s probably the Rays, but that changes dependent on whomever the successful team on a budget in the AL is.

    Other pro sports are all Chicago: Bears, Bulls, Hawks. I’m Chicago born and raised, so that goes through and through.

    For college, of course, I have to go with the alma mater: My Wisconsin Badgers.

  • carpcasey

    NFL: Bears, the only team I will take a bullet for.
    MLB: Cubs because I am masochistic; TB Rays because my Ex GF was from Tampa and I was there for the world series run.
    NHL: TB Lightning see above
    NBA: Sacto Kings, CWebb was my favorite player growing up


    Off-topic, but I just read this:,0,1482170,full.story
    Unbelievable. The state won’t give Ricketts money to fix up Wrigley, yet he has to pay taxes on the Cubs. I would think about holding those tax payments hostage until I got some money to fix up the park. The real reason they won’t give him the money is because Quinn and Tunney are White Sox fans.

  • Chuck

    BLPCB: Maybe the city/state/feds should not give sports owners money is because, unless the public entity gets a cut of the profit, the sports team is a private enterprise that should have to succeed or fail on its own merits. I am so sick and tired of millionaires/billionaires getting welfare (bailouts and free multi-billion dollar stadiums) while the taxpayer foots the bill and gets screwed in the end. If Ricketts wants taxpayer money, he has to give the state a share of the team so the owner can’t just move in a couple of years if he feels like it.
    Resisting… Urge… To… Go… On… Rant…

  • Chuck

    Coruption and greed has really turned me off to the NCAA and all pro sports.

  • Doc Raker

    I am with you Chuck, pro sports is big business and I don’t see why the tax payer should subsidize professional sports. There is plenty of money within the sport for owners to build there own facilities. Asking the public to pay for a billionaires stadium so he can employ millionaire athletes seems a bit ludicrous. This is another display of crony capitalism. This is one thing the city of San Francisco got right, they made the Giants finance there own stadium.


    Why is Ricketts paying an amusement tax on his tickets if he isn’t getting any of that revenue? If the state gave him the money to fix up Wrigley, he would then build his triangle building, which would create jobs. The money it would generate would easily pay off the bonds. Every other team in Chicago gets some state money from this commission, why are the Cubs left out.

  • flyslinger2ment has created

    Last time I saw the state of Illinois is broke. I just wrote a lengthy blurb about the bubbles that government has created in EVERY sector of the economy that it has touched through grants, loans, and other incentives. Bubbles that once are allowed to be absorbed back into the market place explode, causing collateral damage and rarely solving the original problem it intended to fix. Ricketts has money. Let him build whatever he wants. The jobs will still be there and the tax payer won’t be on the hook for the bill. If he doesn’t build then it was really that badly needed.

    Look at all of the recent union/owner negotiations that are taking place. The government is sticking their nose in and it goes to pot. Seriously, these are multimillion dollar players. Do you REALLY think they need union representation? Maybe we can devote a whole column to that discussion one day.

  • Chuck

    Why is Ricketts paying an amusement tax? Well, he isn’t. The paying customer is. Just like a sales tax.
    Just like a tobacco tax. Just like property taxes. Just like federal income taxes. Just like state income taxes. Just like hotel surcharges. Just like every other tax the federal, state, and local governments place on us.
    The US government is a huge lumbering beast that needs to be put down. It is fed by the people at the top who pay off the right people with “campaign contributions” so they can get special treatment while the rest of us foot the bill.

  • Josh

    NFL: Buffalo Bills. Dad grew up a huge Bills fan and I followed suit.

    NBA: Chicago Bulls. Mom’s got the Chi-town connection.

    NHL: Buffalo Sabres. Same with Bills

    NCAA Basketball: UConn, only because I grew up in the state.

    NCAA Football: Clemson, a lot of family connections, one of the two final schools on my college list before I went to a smaller school

  • Doc Raker

    Amen flysinger and Chuck! You won’t hear that on CNN Seymour.


    When you buy tickets to a Cubs game it says amusement tax included. That tax was originally put in for the Illinois Sports Commission that gave the White Sox their stadium. All the teams in Chicago get money from them through this sans the Cubs. Ricketts is asking for bonds, which he would pay off with the increased revenue the renovation would generate.

  • Jedi

    Eddie – my Dad used to intentionally pronounce Andujar’s name as “walking underwear”…that’s how I grew up with baseball!

  • Eddie Von White

    Jedi – Your dad is awesome – and I bet you had no problem pronouncing Jaoquin Andujar’s name either.

    Flyslinger, Chuck, and Doc – Triple Amen!

  • CubbieDude

    Let me join the “amen corner”.

  • CelticJello

    Born in Illinois, parents from Chicago, grew up in STL, just moved to Denver, wife is from Hawai’i.
    MLB: Easy. NL = Cubs + AL = ChiSox. Since I don’t live in Chicago, it’s pretty easy to root for both. In the words of Michael Wilbon, “Why would I root against a team with Chicago on their jersey?”, NL Central teams in the playoffs if the Cubs don’t make it. Any team playing the Yankees.
    NBA: Da Bulls. Grew up watching MJ + Scottie. Rose is fantastic. Still pissed about Elton Brand trade.
    NHL: Da Hawks. Brother played goalie because of Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour. Blues are the Cubs of Hockey, in a bad way.
    NFL: Da Bears, then the Rams and Broncos. I was in middle school during “Greatest Show on Turf.” Unfortunately for the team, the Cardinals rule the STL with an iron fist. Actual STL based Rams fans are very fair-weather.
    NCAA FB/BB: Illinois, My alma mater (SIUE) just joined Div I while I was studying. You know how that goes.
    NCAA Hockey: Not settled on any one team, but have seen good games by Ohio State, Michigan, Colorado College, and Denver University. Got to see the Frozen Four in STL last winter. Very fun.

  • CelticJello

    Throw in some Hawai’i Warriors FB. They’re the closest thing to pro sports those islands have. Go Bows!

  • CubbieDude

    CJ: Howzit!! Don’t forget the Triple Crown of Surfing and Na Rainbow Wahine.

  • Geoff

    MLB- Cubs. Family friend finally showed me the light during my early years of high school. Love them even though I live so far away. Pull for Rangers every now and then since they are close.
    NBA- OKC born and raised. Thunder Up.
    NFL- Chiefs. Not big on them but family has season tix so I follow them.
    NCAA- Oklahoma. Football season tickets with dad since ’99. He went there as well. Now a sophomore at the university. Basketball season tickets this year. Love my school more than anything. Also really like North Carolina basketball. Great program that is up tempo and fun to watch. Roy Williams is the man
    NHL- Don’t follow hockey but I prefer the Blackhawks. First trip to Wrigley coincided with the Stanley Cup victory. Same night we got in. Went to the parade. I will cheer for any team from Chicago in most situations. Such a great city can’t wait to go back