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October 2011



There Is Nothing Worse Than a Cardinals Fan

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Thought #1: The Cardinals lost. They are now down 3 games to two. The worst part about it is that there are way too many Cardinals fans in the world. I bet most of them cannot even name 4 of the players on the team. The second worst thing about it is that A.J. Pierzynski is one of the announcers. Listening to his voice is like listening to nails scratch a chalk board. Could it be because he is the White Sox catcher? Possibly.

St. Louis did not play well. They didn’t capitalize on plays, left 12 men on base, and got caught stealing (by a mile). Nolan went home a happy man last night.

Thought #2:The Packers are still undefeated. Aaron Rodgers’ QB rating during the game was up to 158.3. I bet anybody who has him on their fantasy team is pretty happy. Does anybody else do fantasy football?

Thought #3: Today is Theo’s big day. What do you think he will say at the press conference? What do you hope he will say?

  • Buddy

    Cardinal fans are an interesting bunch. Most of them hate Tony LaRusa, even though he wins every single year. They gave old, washed-up Willie McGee a stadning ovation everytime he came to the plate during his final rotten season. They lost their minds when the Cards traded the great Bud Smith and Placido Polanco to the Phillies for some bum named Scott Rolen.

  • Buddy

    I hope Theo will answer the question that is tearing America apart…When will the Zack Attck reform?

  • Eddie Von White

    1. Cardinal fans – I have nothing against Cardinal fans. Some of my ex-best friends are Cardinal fans… I will say this: Cub fans better never pick up that ridiculous towel waving nonsense – “Here’s a towell, wave it.” Duh.

    2. Us Packer fans so look forward to each Sunday and enjoy it all. But we have good memories. It wasn’t so long ago we were looking at Lynn Dickey @ QB and Forrest Gregg as coach. We’ll enjoy this.

    3. I hope Theo will say that nobody’s job is safe and there are no sacred cows in the organization – past contracts mean nothing to me. We might have to eat some of them, but it’s go time!

  • Doug S.

    1. Cardinals fans are…….mostly OK. But I hate this attitude from some of them who seem to think they’re baseball purists and invented the game or something.

    2. Jets fan here. On behalf of Rex, I’m shuttin’ up. Brees is my starting QB and is fantasy money. More points than Rodgers on Sunday in the league I’m in.

    3. I like what Eddie says about Theo.

  • Norm

    All fan bases are the same. You have your good one and the bad ones.

    Regarding the game, that was one of the worse managed baseball games I’ver ever seen.

  • mrbaseball2usa

    @Norm Quade moonlighting in St. Louis now?

  • Katie

    I hope Theo’s first move is fire Quade. That would be great. Most of my friends are Cardinals fans, and most of them are bandwagon fans who know nothing about baseball.

    I like Drew Brees. He is a class act. But Sunday was ridiculous. 62-7? The Colts are already bad enough. Was it really necessary to run up the score like that? Sheesh.

  • Doc Raker

    I always enjoy a Cub Cardinal game at Wrigley, it has always been a good natured rivalry and I never see any fights between Cub Cardinal fans. I take pride in that and believe our rivalry does it right between the fans vs the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodger malicious violence. I could use a few more Cub victories but Cardinal fans don’t bother me I just wish we didn’t lose to them so often.

  • Doc Raker

    Bobby Valentine on the ESPN radio broadcast is really giving Tony LaRussa a hard time about certain moves. They really hate all these pitching changes and his obvious delay of game tactics so his 3rd reliever of the inning can have time to warm up. Valentine has spent a lot of time bashing LaRussa about managerial moves and I do enjoy that type of honesty. Awesome stuff, definitely worth turning on the radio and turning off the TV broadcast, a no brainer, turn off Joe Buck and turn on LaRussa bashing Valentine.

  • Norm
  • Jedi

    Katie – the Saints didn’t run up the score; they didn’t even ATTEMPT a pass after the score ballooned to 48-7. That’s right, they scored two more touchdowns and played an entire quarter without attempting a forward pass.

    As for LaRussa, how are people letting him off the hook because the of a bullpen miscommunication? Even if you believe his account, that’s not an excuse.

    I will say that the single best moment of the playoffs was Tranny Tony’s reaction when Murphy’s hit ricocheted off of Rzepczynski instead of turning into a double play.


    1. I don’t have a problem with Cardinals fans. They seem to be good people, who know their baseball. You don’t fight with them the way you do with White Sox fans. White Sox fans are really bad, because “Cubs Suck” is their entire vocabulary. You cannot hold an intelligent baseball discussion with a White Sox fan. This is how one goes:
    Can the Cardinals come back and win this series in 7?
    Cubs Suck
    So where are Pujols and Fielder going this winter?
    Cubs Suck
    Think Sabathia opts out of his contract and leaves the Yankees?
    Cubs Suck
    If there was a White Sox-Cardinals World Series, I would root for the Cardinals.
    2. I don’t play fantasy. Go Pack
    3. I echo Eddie’s sentiments.

  • Katie

    Jedi – I’m not blaming Brees for the high score. Yes, the Colts are bad, and yes, the Saints are a fantastic team. They could have played all their bench guys when the score was that high. But to each his own.

  • Seymour Butts

    1 Always nice to see a Cardinal loss, but the few Cardinal fans I know are decent people. Mal-adjusted, but decent.
    2 Roll Pack. Fantasy football is much like fantasy life (fecebook). They both require way too much free time to be engaged in by people with jobs.
    3 Another vote for Eddies thoughts.

  • Allan Bendert

    Not even one mention of the Badgers who are now 6-1 and not undefeated because my Spartans beat them? And what do you think of your coach Mr. Beilema calling time outs at the end of the game to help our Hail Mary?

  • Mark

    Very good points Katie, Cardinals fans are quite annoying. I had Rodgers on my fantasy team last year and he pretty much won the league for me. This year…..Not so much. Oh well. Go Rangers and happy Theo day!


    Just got an alert on my iTouch, Lackey is out for 2012 with Tommy John Surgery.

  • Buddy

    The piling on LaRusa is pretty funny. These are the same writers and broadcasters who were calling him a genius a few days ago.

  • Those guys who were deeming him a genius were trying to call him an out of touch idiot, but their keyboards and microphones were broken.

  • Doc Raker

    Transition Tony likes to hit the pitcher 5th and Pujols 9th, this way your 9 hitter is like your clean up hitter, or is it hit Pujols 5th and the pitcher 9th, or Pujols 2nd and the pitcher 7th. Remember when Transition Tony used to hit McGwire in the leadoff spot and the pitcher 6th, or did McGwire hit 7th and the pitcher lead off?

  • Katie

    @Allan – I was going to mention that! It slipped my mind. I’m sorry. I’m a little salty about that loss, but it was a competitive game. I did not get to see the whole thing, though. Your boys played well. Congrats!

  • My favorite was when Transition Tony had Albert batting 8th, and Theriot in the nine hole, wearing transition lenses, providing him protection against the intentional walk. The starting pitcher from that game escapes my mind, but he too was wearing transition lenses.


    I thought LaRussa only hit McGwire first a few times because of his cranky knee. He hit first, and then was taken out of the game.


    I wear transition lenses too. They’re great for lifeguarding outdoors.

  • chris in Illinois

    True story that encapsulates Cardinal fans for me:

    I’m at a game years ago in old Busch (well Busch II) it had to have been 2002 or 2003 since Tino was at first. The Cards were down by 7 or 8 runs heading into the bottom of the seventh. The leadoff hitter singles to right bringing Tino to the plate, Tino—down 7 runs—swings at the first pitch (low and away) and rolls one out the the second baseman moving the runner to second and into scoring position. The crowd starts to applaud enthusiastically with about a quarter of them standing up for Tino as he saunters into the dugout.
    Down seven runs with a runner on first Tino uses an out to advance a runner one base and he gets hearty applause even a smattering of standing applause…
    I wasn’t expecting them to boo or throw bottles his way, the game was likely lost regardless of his at bat in that spot, but the response was weird. Of course they do have that ‘best fans in baseball’ rep to live up to…

  • Doc Raker

    Transition Tony is going to DH Chris Carpenter tonight in St Louis and hit him 3rd and Pujols 7th. Transition Tony petitioned MLB to allow the DH rule in the National league park. If MLB denies the DH request he will have to play Carpenter in left field and if Carpenter gets on base pinch run for him with Dave Duncan. Speaking of Carpenter did anyone notice after Napoli’s deep fly out in the middle innings to end a threat with runners on second and third Carpenter yelled ‘you piece of shit’ in Napoli’s general direction?

  • Doc Raker

    Phtochromatic lenses are convenient relative to a second pair of sunglasses. Photochromatic lenses are not polarized and do not get dark while driving a car (unless in a convertible) because they activate by UV light or direct sun light. A polarized sun lens is a superior sun lens since it blocks reflective glare which is particularly good for anyone around water, fishermen or lifeguards, and drivers. There is one photochromatic lens that is polarized called Drivewear but has an orange tint to it that hasn’t garnered a lot of positive feed back or sales. Transitions is a brand name of a photochromatic lens.

  • That clears things up. I couldn’t tell who Carpenter was calling a piece of shit, because of the angle of refraction imparted by his transition lenses. I incorrectly assumed it was directed at second baseman Dave Duncan, who was playing Napoli aggressively pull, shifted left of the bag and wearing polarized orange transition lenses.