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October 2011



Morning Roundup

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Thought #1: Apparently, Lebron James has been tweeting about joining the NFL. I don’t follow him on there because he is a little bit repulsive and annoying. But because the first two weeks of the NBA season are cancelled, he has nothing to do. It would be interesting to see him try to play. He is tall enough and fast enough, but is he tough enough?  When he gets taken out in basketball, he acts like soccer player. Do you think he could take a hit by James Harrison? I’m skeptical, but it would be interesting to see him try.

Thought #2: Justin Verlander, my favorite pitcher, helped keep the Tigers from being eliminated from the ALCS last night. He gave up a home run to Nelson Cruz, but who hasn’t (he has 5 home runs in this series)? Justin has been phenomenal this season. How great would it be if good ol’ Theo could pull some strings on that one…?

Oh, and the Brewers won.

Thought #3: My fourth-ranked Wisconsin Badgers are 5-0. Wisconsin doesn’t just win though. They destroy you. The most points scored against them? 17. The fewest points scored by Wisconsin? 35 (and that game was a shutout). It is weird seeing the Badgers have a star player on any of their teams – after all, we are the Dairy State. Not much here except beer and cheese. College football has never been a huge point of interest for me, but this is kind of ridiculous. I just hope they can beat Minnesota and Ohio State. We’ll see how that goes.


    1 – The Queen’s Twitter actually isn’t that annoying. He is not tough at all. He’s a big baby. He sprains his ankle and can’t play, but Kobe can play with broken fingers, bad elbow, bad back, bad knee. Jordan scored 38 with a nasty flu bug. Dirk was sick the entire finals when he beat the 3 stooges. The Queen would probably have to play tight end because he is so tall
    2 – With Cubs luck, Verlander would become a cross of Prior’s injuries with Bozo’s attitude
    3 – Do you go to Wisconsin? They’ll easily beat Minnesota, and I expect them to pulverize Ohio State too. They are just way too powerful this year. They were really good before they got Russell Wilson, and then he is the final piece for them.

  • Buddy

    1. What’s Twitter?
    2. There is a zero percent chance that the Tigers move Verlander.
    3. Go Illini.

  • Eddie Von White

    1. LeBron needs attention.
    2. I had a thought on 3rd base – what about that mad scientist- like guy who plays third and first for Boston – he seems like a ball player – maybe Theo could get him over here?
    3. I remember in 1989 when Wisconsin signed Barry What’s His Name over from Notre Dame as Head Football Coach. I was living in San Diego then and little did I know Wisconsin football was about to make a run. He almost got derailed when his son microwaved a parrott. The Badgers are awesome.

  • Chuck

    1a: I have never used Twitter and I do not plan on it. It is the same reason I don’t use Facebook anymore. I have no desire to read 6000 posts about what my cousin is eating and fleeting thoughts of people I know. If something is important, they will call me.
    1b: LeBron would probably make a great receiver (TE or WR) until he got drilled by Ray Lewis on a crossing route. Then he would remember why he chose basketball over football a long time ago.
    2: Unless Theo hires people to kidnap senior members of the Tigers to brainwash them, there is a zero chance of Verlander going anywhere unless the Mariners offer Felix, Pineada and Ichiro for him. Brewers over Rangers in the WS. Book it. Take it to the bank. The blood bank (bonus points for identifying this crappy movie).
    3: Go Cyclones! Otherwise I don’t care about football. At all. Unless my kids are playing.

  • Norm Bothwell

    1) I love twitter. I don’t care what my cousin is eating, but I do like knowing that Andrew Cashner is touching 100 in the Arizona Fall League.
    I don’t care about Lebron though.
    2) It would definitely be great.
    3) Don’t follow college football either.

  • MJ

    If Wisconsin can’t beat Minnesota, they have no business even being in the Big Ten. I think most Wiconsin high school teams could beat Minnesota.

    One rumor yesterday, proposed that Epstein might bring over Youklis (probably just butchered the spelling).

  • Buddy

    Sounds like the Cubs and Red Sox are still fighting over the Theo compensation. Some reports say the Cubs are only willing to give cash and they want Theo to have the ability to bring some of his front-office pals with him. The Red Sox want cash + players and are telling Theo “hands off” our employees. Should be interesting.

  • Katie

    I don’t go to UW, but one of my cousins does. Russell Wilson is awesome. I’m not worried about them beating Minnesota or Ohio State. If their biggest test was against Nebraska, they will be fine.

    It would be fantastic if Epstein brought Youk over. He’s been a favorite ever since Byrd got hit in the face with that fastball. He made a face that said, “That’s gotta hurt.” It doesn’t hurt that he is a pretty good ball player, too.

  • Eddie Von White

    Yeah, that’s his name – Kevin Youkilis. Sounds like the Red Sox are trying to burn some bridges, maybe that will help us in the immediate future. Theo must have left some friends behind?

  • Eddie Von White

    Katie, I think when Youk looks in the mirror he makes “that’s gotta hurt” face.

  • mrbaseball2usa

    1. LeBron is soft. No way he survives playing football. Absolutely no way in hell.
    2. Better chance of LeBron playing No. 1 wideout in the Super Bowl than Verlander wearing Cubbie Blue next year (see 1 above).
    3. ROLL DAMN TIDE, baby!


    ^Isn’t it RMFT?


    Katie – I agree. I can see Wisconsin going 13-0 and then getting pulverized by an SEC team in the national title game.

  • Allan Bendert

    You seem to have under estimated Michigan State, my school which has beaten the Badgers in each of the last two years. I wouldn’t over look them if I was you!!!!

  • Seymour Butts

    1 Who is LaBron? I don’t twitter or bookface because, well I have a life.
    2 Sure dream big, not gonna happen, but a dreaming big beats the hell out of myspaceing all day.
    3Alma Mater between Colorado and Montana.. not much football played there effectively the last 50 years. Consistently made the bottom 10 while I was enrolled.

    5 what happened to 4 you say? roll it into 5. Theo gets a new manager if he wants. As long as we are dreaming big, dream about Tony LaRussa (?sp). Sure he has a lot to hate, a JD degree, manages the White Sox and Cards, but and I know buts, he gets into the playoffs routinely with crap. Well, crap and Pujols, but still mostly cast offs that make last years Giants look like a dream team.
    Bring Tony, and success will come! (paid for by the Bull Moose party).

  • Doc Raker

    Run Lebron over the middle for a pass and let him get hit, that would amuse me. Would his NBA contract be nullified if he got hurt playing another sport? Those contracts have a lot of restrictions in them so I can see that being possible. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish Lebron to get hurt, it would just amuse me on the legal contract player union side of things. Unless he attends church, then I hope he fails. Seymour, any word on Lebron’s religious beliefs, I need to know if I should root for him or not.


    He went to St. Vincent St. Mary’s HS. So that should count for something

  • Seymour Butts

    A high school needs TWO patron saints? Saints preserve us.

  • Katie

    Allan, I didn’t forget about your beloved Michigan State. I’m just not worried about them. 🙂

    Mr. Baseball, the world doesn’t need more Bama fans.

  • Please don’t tell me you were in Laramie, Butts…

  • Seymour Butts

    @ JSwan …1973-1984.

  • Wyoming is sort of a poor man’s, methy version of Montana. Laramie would be better now…I bet a college kid could leave campus and be in the Coors Rock Box in under two hours. I can’t talk smack bud…actually sort of impressed you got your education there. I was pre-med for a few years at Montana State, and my best option was going to involve rolling the dice for UW as part of the WAMI program. That whole mess made the math department look very appealing.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    1) I don’t have near the animosity some of you have for Lebron (not a basketball fan in general, so who cares), but I wouldn’t mind seeing him take a shot at football. I think it would be unbelievable dumb, as one good hit could cost him years in the NBA. But you can’t expect a lot of wisdom from entitled twenty-something millionaires.
    2) I thought Verlander did a heroic job last night to keep the Tigers in the postseason, but I don’t think there’s any possible way he’ll be a Cub. It’s more likely that Ted Williams’ frozen head will be batting cleanup for us next year.
    3) I watched the Badgers whoop Nebraska and thoroughly enjoyed it. As a fan of the also-undefeated Oklahoma State Cowboys, I was happy to see the Big 12 deserters get slapped around a little.

    Nice job, Katie.

  • Mark in Toronto

    1. I think it has more to do with Lebron keeping his name in the headlines since it doesn’t look like he’ll be playing basketball anytime soon.
    2. I don’t see any chance with that Verlander goes anywhere.
    3. Go Penn State!

  • Allan Bendert

    Katie Time will tell and we will see, but don’t be countin too soon my dear!!

  • CubbieDude

    I heard on the radio that LeBron was an All-State football player in high school. So yeah, go for it!


    You didn’t know that? It was talked about a lot back when he was in HS. That was a big reason he was physically ready for the NBA out of HS, him playing football

  • CubbieDude

    Nope. I did not know that! I have a life.

  • Doc Raker

    Which includes posting on a blog at 6:55am, at least I wait until 7:03am PST.

  • CubbieDude

    That’s right, Doc. I am a 24 hour a day operation.

    Had to get up early today to put new tires on the jeep, and then walk the dog. Having accomplished that, now I gotta move on to the next big thing: lunch with some old friends, followed by a visit to the hospital.

    High school All-America teams are not on my radar.

  • 1) It would certainly give the sports talking heads something to talk about, so in that sense it would do some good. No harm done since I never listen to the talking heads.

    2) In our dreams.

    3) I was not aware of this “college football”. I attended Indiana.

  • Doc Raker

    I spent a year at IU, I managed to find a few parties. Who cares about no NBA, it is hockey season, let’s see if LeBron can skate, now that would be entertaining.