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October 2011



Monday Morning Roundup

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Good Monday morning to everyone. We’ve got a nice post later today from Jeremiah about a to do list for Tom Ricketts this off-season. I don’t want to spill the beans, but you can probably guess some of the items on the list. Before we get to that, I give you your three topics for discussion. As always, don’t let this limit you in your talking. Feel free to go on a mad saber rant the likes that would put Jedi vs. Norm to shame.

  • STRIKE ONE – In case you missed it, Devin Hester (you are ridiculous) set the record for most touchdowns in NFL history on the punt return. I watched the first quarter with my 5 yr old who knows absolutely nothing about football. I explained to him the touchdowns and the first downs and when the TV showed Hester, I told him that he needed to watch him because there is always a chance to see him run the whole way for a touchdown. Sure enough, Devin did not disappoint. My question to you is this. If Devin Hester were to never play another down of football, is he a hall of famer because of what he’s done on special teams? I say he is. Look at the numbers and it’s not even close. No one has ever done what he’s done and in such a short period of time compared to the others that are even close. It’s a no brainer decision for me.
  • STRIKE TWO – Carrie Muskat reported on Twitter that Ozzie Guillen has spoken with Carlos Zambrano about joining him in Florida. Should this be looked at as tampering? Believe me, I’d be thrilled if Zambrano went to Florida, but why not see if we can get something from the Marlins for doing it?
  • STRIKE THREE – Closer, Jose Valverde guaranteed that the Tigers would win the ALDS. This makes me laugh coming from a guy that basically just has to preserve a lead. What do you think of guarantees in sports?

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  • Buddy

    1. No HOF for Hester in my opinion, but he is fun to watch.
    2. This isn’t tampering, this is a gift! Whatever it takes to get Zambrano out of town!
    3. I couldn’t care less what players and coaches say to reporters.

  • Norm

    1) I don’t think he’s quite a Hall of Famer yet…
    2) I think technically it is tampering, but probably not something the Cubs will complain about.
    3) Guarantees don’t bother me…players/coaches say things all the time just to get a reaction.

  • Katie

    1. Hester is good on special teams, but other than that he’s just average. He’s quick, but he’s not a very good receiver. For him to be a HOF player, he has to do a lot more. He’s good, but he’s not there yet.
    2. Zambrano and Ozzie would be a perfect match, even better if they’re both out of chicago.
    3. Ask LeBron about guarantees in sports…

  • Chuck

    1) The NFL HOF is a joke. Ditto for basketball. The only HOF worth anything and the only one people care about is the baseball HoF.
    2) I do not consider it tampering because the team is suspending Z not the player refusing to play. If the new GM said “Gee, I would love to have Justin Verlander here.” nobody would bat an eye. People would say “Duh!”. If it is tampering, tamper away.
    3) I have no problem with confidence in sports. If he did not think they could win he would have no buisness playing. It is a fine line.

  • Doc Raker

    Hester HOF returner, absolutely. NFL positions are pretty specialized, why wouldn’t a kick returner be one position to consider.
    * Ozziee and Zambrano together outside of Chicago, how entertaining. Just get something for him, they still owe us for taking Alfonseca.
    Who’s Jose Valverde?

  • Jedi

    Doc, if you could sew a few extra digits onto Zambrano’s limbs, I think we could call it even.


    Strike 1 – Not yet. He is fun to watch, but I think he’s overrated. And if we had the college rules in effect, that TD would have been wiped out
    Strike 2 – Who cares if it is tampering. If the Marlins want Bozo, let them have him. But I would try to exploit it and see if I can get something out of it, or at least make them pay his whole contract. Maybe we can nail them and force them to take on Soriano as well.
    Strike 3 – Let his talk all the smack he wants

    Doc – What do you mean they owe us for Alf? We traded Willis for him, but we also got Matt Clement in the same trade.



  • flyslinger2

    The video looks like this year for the cubs:

    1. Antiquated players-the vehicle.
    2. The season was intact until the first utterance of “play ball!” on the first day of the saeson-it quickly crashed after that.
    3. The few players that got out ended up being duds on both sides of the trades-crash dummies.
    4. The dust is still settling-it was such a massive explosion that the fallout still hasn’t settled and there is no clear direction for the way forward.

  • Jedi

    Apparently the Red Sox are interested in Ryno. So funny, he’s not good enough for us (but Quade is!) and yet the man who is often considered the best, if not at least among the best GMs in baseball – Theo Epstein – is interested.

  • Buddy

    If we’re to believe Peter Gammons, Theo may be running the Cubs next year.

  • Jedi

    Until Epstein leaves, I’m going to assume that Gammons is filling the “make my threat to leave sound believable” role for his beloved GM. Epstein wants a bigger, longer deal is my guess.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    1) As a Bears fan, he has sometimes been the best reason to tune in to the games. Not sure if he’s a sure-thing HOFer yet, but I think a strong argument will be made for him when the time comes. He can help his chances a lot by staying healthy and padding his record-breaking numbers for a few more seasons.
    2) Not sure I care if it’s tampering–it does seem like it qualifies, though. What concerns me is that sending Zambrano to Miami with Ozzie is essentially a reward, and while I haven’t been in total favor of the punishments he’s received, I’m also not interested in doing him any favors on his way out of town. Besides, we all know getting rid of him will most likely come back to bite us, right?
    3) I like a certain amount of bravado in my players, but guaranteeing wins is always a bad idea. Equally stupid though is that those guarantees provide some added level of urgency for the other team. Like somehow something your opponent said is going to make you try harder than you would have otherwise in a playoff series. The whole thing seems pretty stupid from all sides–at the highest level of the sport, when the games mean as much as they possibly can mean, a few words one way or the other shouldn’t make a difference to anyone.


    How is trading him away an award? We get rid of Bozo’s contract.

  • Jedi

    BLPCB – sending Zambrano to a manager who he absolutely loves and likely paying a hefty amount of the remaining contract while likely receiving nothing in return…well that’s how it’s a reward.

    Unfortunately, Zambrano has basically forced the Cubs into rewarding him. The only thing that the Cubs have a say in at this point is his destination (and we may not have much of a say remaining in that).


    I would pursue that tampering claim then. Or try to blackmail Florida. Make them take on the entire contract in exchange for not filing a claim

  • Jedi

    (Note to self: don’t cross BLPCB – bunts to break up LL perfect games, breaks pitcher’s arm in a locker, resorts to blackmail when being tampered with, assorted mayhem and mischief, stole tennis balls from the bottom of a little old ladies’ walker…)


    Hey the broken arm was in self-defense. He tried to punch me. And the second time I did it we won

  • Seymour Butts

    The thing about Hester’s return is that they didn’t even kick the ball to him. Johnny Knox fielded it on the far side of the field and quietly slipped out of bounds. Hester ran untouched up the sideline because he didn’t have the ball. Awesome play, fooled everyone.

  • Doc Raker

    Yes, we did get Clement from the Marlin’s. I Figure Clement for Willis is even but then we took Alf so they owe us.

  • Dusty Baylor

    Not to sound like a douche..lmao….but who cares what would have been called with college rules in effect?

  • Eddie Von White

    What bothers me about the tampering isn’t that Zambrano might go to Florida, but that Ozzie thinks he can do whatever he pleases with no regard to the rules.


    I agree with you Eddie. Ozzie’s still got that big head from 2005. Good to see he’s showing no signs of it shrinking. I would work out a trade for Bozo and look into a tampering charge after the trade is made.


    And Doc – Alf helped us in 2003.