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October 2011




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Good morning, all! The air is cool and crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and I’m back with another look at your best work for the week. Let’s do this…

The Wizzies

  • Today, however, Chicago didn’t record an error. Let’s hear it for lowered expectations!
  • Maybe we should go undercover on a few Sox sites. “Cmon you wankahs, Pujols would be wicked hitting after Youk.”
  • I predict Fielder will end up in the AL, either Texas or Anaheim, probably Anaheim so he can be close to all the other tofu freaks. If he goes to Texas I predict he will fall off the veggie wagon and get impaled by a live steer at the Ponderosa on a steak bender.
  • You know how East-coasters all lump the Midwest into the same category? I guess I made the same assumption in regards to Long Beach and Anaheim. They have Disney, you have Snoop Dogg. Pretty much the same thing in my book…sorry Doc.
  • Wait…I thought I was going to be the new manager? Damn…I’ll have to cancel that nameplate and desk I ordered….
  • Carlos looks like he’s lost on an unfamiliar planet. His contract makes a trade unlikely, so he needs a self esteem coach. Kind of like those guys who tell most boxers ..”you da man”… get his head straight and he’s an asset. As he sits he’s a loaded diaper.
  • Thank you for having me relive that game in such excruciating detail. Thank you very much. How would you like to come over and make my kids cry? Slash my car tires? Take a big dump on my front porch? Throw some eggs at my second story windows? Write “Bartman” in my backyard with gasoline?
  • If Alou would have told everyone he pees on his hands, the whole incident could have been avoided.
  • Here’s hoping the Cubs overthrow the Quade regime like a corrupt dictator: quickly, and with little concern for human life.

Top Wizzie Contributors

Doc Raker-30
Doug S.-20
Seymour Butts-20
Eddie Von White-8
Larry Sproul-8
Rich Beckman-7
Jeremiah Johnson-6

Question of the Week

If you could choose one player, dead or alive, that would be on the Opening Day 2012 Cubs roster, who would it be and why?


  • Buddy

    Babe Ruth in his prime would look pretty good in the OF. As far as current players, I’d say Roy Halladay or Justin Verlander. Hell, why not both!

  • Larry Sproul

    Not a very easy task . With the Michigan blood in me I say Al Kaline . Offense, defense, clubhouse leader not to mention he had a arm like a rocket . If you ran on Al there was a good chance he got the outfield assist ,

    He was also a All-Star to the end . When Al got told to head to the summer classic he went . Not like the players of today.

  • Buddy

    Willie Mays in CF would be OK with me too.


    Babe Ruth. The man hit 715 (not a typo, look it up, he had a walk-off HR that was not recognized) HR on hot dogs and beer. And many more that would have been home runs today. Play him today’s parks, today’s rules, and the training and nutrition we have today, I think he could easily belt 1000 and set the world mark. I thought A-Rod could get it, but he would need 40 jacks a year over the next 6 to do it. Unless he plays beyond that contract I don’t see him breaking the world mark of 868.

  • Buddy

    Do you think Babe Ruth would have a Twitter account?


    Yes, he would have a Twitter. And a Facebook. And an iPhone. And he’d still drink plenty of beer and eat plenty of hot dogs, and smoke a pack a day, and always be hitting it with floozies.


    He would be an everyman’s man, more so than Homer Simpson

  • Doc Raker

    Babe Ruth played in a stadium he built with a very short porch in right field. Why do think the Yankee’s love left handed hitters? The Yankee’s know that short porch gives them an advantage. Babe Ruth was arguably the most dominant player of any generation but he played in a small park, no different than today’s small parks.


    I thought Yankee Stadium was pretty deep to dead center though. Plus he played his road games in bigger parks

  • Buddy

    He also played in the old Polo Grounds. Short down the lines (with a 20 ft wall in left I beleive), but 450 in the alleys and 480 to center. Regardless of where Ruth played, he was tremendous.

  • Katie

    Justin Verlander would be my guy. He’s stellar. We need pitching pretty badly. And that’s just opening day… think about who we might be able to pick up the rest of the year…

  • Chuck

    Rachel is much tougher to please than Lizzie.
    Maybe Lizzie and I were on more of the same wavelength…
    Maybe I need to channel my inner Rachel more…
    Maybe I just need to let go of my dream of being on the Wizzies leaderboard…
    Maybe I just died a bit inside…

  • greg

    Kevin Foster Bring back the pornstash

  • Doc Raker

    When Babe Ruth hit 60 HR’s to lead the league the next guy had 20′ something HR’s, a much bigger disparity than in today’s time. Ruth was a monster but I am sure the dimensions of Yankee stadium helped accentuate Yankee dominance. And yes, Yankee stadium was very deep in center and left field power alley’s making Joe DiMaggio’s dominance really impressive. DiMaggio was one of the few Yankee superstars that swung right handed. Mantle, Ruth, Reggie and a lot of the modern free agents they go after are left handed or switch hitters, Tex, ONeil, Giambi. The Yankee’s love lefties and for good reason. When most of the league has right handed power and your park penalizes them and helps your left handed hitters you have a huge advantage, this is one of the most under talked about advantages in sports ever. The east coast bias media will never put out a story explaining the Yankee’s to be mortal and having an advantage, it is all about magic and mystique from the media in regards to the Yankee’s.
    * The Polo Grounds was were the national leagues NY Giants played, did an American league team also play there?

  • Doc Raker

    Chuck-It is just about volume, not wisdom as you can see from the current Wizzie leader board.

  • Chuck

    I I could transfer any players stats to the 2012 Cubs it would be one of those 600 innings, 10 shutout, 70 complete game, 1.50 ERA pitchers from the deadball era. Like Old Hoss Radbourn.

  • Jedi

    I don’t know Chuck – he made too many errors for my taste. 🙂

  • Seymour Butts

    Eddie Gadel.
    Career leader in OBP.

  • Barry Bonds. Either the 30/30 version or 70 HR thumper would be fine with me.

  • Buddy

    Yes, the Yankees played in the Polo Grounds for several years before Yankee Stadium opened.

  • Chuck

    I like this rotation:
    Old Hoss
    Old Hoss
    Old Hoss

  • I see three flaws with your rotation, Chuck.
    1) Old Hoss pitches on consecutive days
    2) Dempster
    3) Wells

  • Chuck

    Old hoss pitched 650 innings a few years. He can pitch both games of a doupleheader.
    He is Dusty Baker’s dream pitcher. He can pitch every day of the week and twice on Sunday.


    Just imagine if that switch-pitcher on the Yankees, Pat Vendetti played back then. You could trot him out there everyday. Left-handed one day, right-handed the next.
    Speaking of old timers, I’d like Pud Galvin, baseball’s first steroid user. He injected himself with monkey testosterone before his starts.

  • Buddy

    Give me nine Earl Cunningham’s and I’ll give you the pennant!