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September 2011




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Another week gone, and with it, let us send the many trials and tribulations we have suffered throughout the 2011 season. As this last weekend comes to a close, let us say farewell to the boys of summer the best way we know how.

The Wizzies

  • Darwin Barney and Alfonso Soriano walked in the same game! Isn’t that one of the seven signs of the apocalypse?
  • To say Ramirez was running to first base is an abuse of the word run.
  • Manager Mike Quade, on the other hand, announced that he’s planning to be back managing the Cubs next season. Unlike Ramirez’s announcement, this proclamation probably isn’t founded on reality. As it turns out, I also plan to manage the Cubs in 2012.
  • I think if you put a bowl of cottage cheese up against Quade, I’d still vote for the moldy dairy.
  • Do you think if the Brewers have a deep playoff run and Tubby Veggy carries them he’ll add $$$ to his contract? His agent is Bora$
  • I always like Tubo Tofu for Fielder.
  • I go more for the Marla the ball girl back in Harry’s day. Soto needs to lay off the chorizo.

Top Wizzie Contributors


Doc Raker-29


Doug S.-20


Seymour Butts-19




Eddie Von White-8

Larry Sproul-8

Poll of the Week

Which interleague series in 2012 are you most looking forward to and why?

a) @ Twins

b) vs. Tigers

c) vs. Red Sox

d) White Sox


  • Buddy

    B) My wife is a Tigers fan. Actually, I am too. Second only to the Cubs.


    The White Sox as usual.

  • Kris

    Interleague series? The season isn’t over yet?

    I’m thankful the Blackhawks will be playing again soon!

  • Chuck

    After Wednesday my sports watching/caring will be pretty dismal (except, of course, for any and all games my kids are directly involved in) unless the NBA gets back on track pronto.
    I always look forwatrd to the White Sox games.