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September 2011




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Much like smoke signals a fire, the cooler weather means fall is upon us. To baseball fanatics, this grounds them to the reality that their team will either be one of the eight “elite” heading to the playoffs, or among the others that are going home for a long, cold winter. We all know where this Cubs team falls, so there’s no need to touch on that. Instead, let’s take a look back at this week in review at VFTB.

The Wizzies

  • Colvin brought his average up with 2 hits and Campana got the start in center (even though he has Aunt Mable’s arm).
  • By the way, does anyone else see LaHair’s career arc and think about Micah Hoffpauir? I sure do…
  • When they score 12 or more, they’re pretty good. That should be on a t-shirt for next year.
  • Starlin Castro actually walked! However, it was against Dontrelle Willis, so it probably shouldn’t count.
  • Len Kasper spent what felt like forever giving us the heights and weights of Reds’ players. Maybe tomorrow he’ll tell us the color of their eyes.
  • No $100M contracts to anyone this offseason. Rebuild, rebuild, youth, youth, get money off the books, get money off the books then fill your hole. Not your pie hole either.
  • Watched the Sunday night game on ESPN Deportes…in Spanish. I thought it was last year and Joe Morgan was having a stroke on air.
  • The Reds broadcasters were commenting on how they were surprised Tyler Colvin wasn’t in the line up with his 4 HR’s off of Leake. That’s bad when the opposing broadcasters understand your foolishness.
  • The Reds broadcasters also commented on allowing Dempster to hit late in the game. Maybe Quade is mentally fatigued from this season of hell. I know I am.
  • Yeah let’s blow out Dempster’s shoulder/elbow. Both to try to get him 200 IP…a meaningless stat in a meaningless season. Bye Quade, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.
  • Reds reliever Sam Lecure’s mustache was fantastic…a real thing of beauty.
  • The secrets of hitting with runners on base is as mysterious to this Cubs team as the mechanics of time travel, the meaning of the Sphinx, and the Colonel’s eleven secret herbs and spices.
  • Vogelbach is going to weigh nine hundred and seventy three pounds by the time he is ready for the league…and that is before Unos and Old Style.
  • Vogelbach has John Kruk’s body before he has any of John Kruk’s accomplishments…I’m not holding my breath.
  • From what I remember, Quade was a fine third base coach – he’s a horri-awful manager.

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Poll of the Week

How do you feel about the end of the 2011 season?

a) Good riddance. Bring on the football.

b) Glad to see it go, but going to miss baseball.

c) Look forward to watching the other teams in the playoffs.

d) Wish this season could last forever (haha…)

  • Buddy

    C) Playoff baseball is outstanding, whether the Cubs are involved or not.

  • Buddy

    D) would be OK too!

  • Doc Raker

    B- baseball is a constant year round in SoCal and it is hard to say that I will miss this Cubs team. I am looking forward to watching playoff baseball in late October with those 40 degree drizzles.


    A. I’ve been counting down the days to football since June. So long until next February when my hopes get up that this is finally the year only to be crushed back down to reality in the middle of May or whenever it is that I start the football countdown.

    I read this on ESPN. Why is it listed under the SweetSpot network? I thought this blog was the Cubs blog for SweetSpot?

  • Katie

    I’m somewhere between A and B. Bring on the boys of fall, the boys of summer have had their chances. But summer is my favorite time of year, and baseball is my favorite sport. But the fast pace of football is a nice change from baseball.

  • Randy

    D for me, I love baseball, and I love the Cubs even if they’re bad. The good news is that the off season is going to be very interesting. I’m excited for a new GM, and want to see the results of Team USA and the AFL.

  • Eddie Von White

    I’m gong to say A and D. I hate it when the baseball season is over but love football. We have a house full of people every Sunday watching the Packers and eating all kinds of great food my wife makes. I set the living room up in stadium fashion with seating for about 20 people. High Def makes it as close to real as it can be and still be in your living room. It’s awesome. I can’t seem to generate that kind of interest for a Cubs game outside my own family. But that doesn’t diminish our enthusiasm. We love the Cubs. I never get tired of them.

    If this baseball seaason could last forever, the Cubs would eventually make some awesome trades, get some great pitching and hitting, then gradually work their way to the top of the standings.

  • flyslinger2


    I’m back from eye surgery. Been down for a while not being able to see. Cubbies looked the same though!

    Baseball is it. It is an astrological phenomenon that the earth is as close to heaven as it will get on opening day every year.

  • Bittersweet “C”
    October finds me missing the Cubs, but enjoying good baseball. San Fran / TX was great last year…hoping for another pure baseball fan match-up. I usually make it to one or two of my alma mater’s football games, and watch exactly one NFL game per year. My interest in that game, league, and sport peaked at precisely the same time as Janet’s boob peeked.

  • I’d have to say A.

    “Good riddance” I’d feel differently if the starting lineups had a lot more kids in them, but since Q is determined to play the vets there is not much to see (though I still watch all that I can…it is near to a sickness).

    “Bring on the football.”

    I’m a Packers fan, so I am thrilled football is here.

  • Seymour Butts

    A sounds good.. I watched the Bears (rooting for the Saints) yesterday instead of the Cubs. That’s the real sign of Fall.
    But when the off season officially begins (not mid April, like this season), we have a lot of Cub story lines to watch. GM, probably manager, and roster issues. Should be fun to look forward to spring training.
    Fortunately I as well follow the Pack and am looking for a good season of football, though you Bear fans feel free to dissect Cutler’s every move as a basis for his criticism, it’s amusing. He really doesn’t deserve the crap he gets blamed for, but he’s not my QB, so flail away.