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September 2011



Chet's Corner : Just get me some pitching!!!!!

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After catching a few innings of Rodrigo Lopez the other night, I decided to do a search on available pitchers for the 2012 season.

I think most of us can agree that the Cubs starting pitching is a weakness to describe it kindly.   The bigger problem is that we really don’t have any young substantial help in the pipeline, or at least anybody who will contribute next season. 

Starting pitching is important (understatement of the year) and it is one area where I would not mind seeing the Cubs make a few big signings in the coming years.   In other words, if they have money to spend…..SPEND IT ON PITCHING!!!!!

Below is a list of available starting pitchers who will be free agents in 2012.  This list comes courtesy of Cot’s Contracts.  It’s a great site for all sorts of contract information.

 * means player or team has an option for 2012

Mark Buehrle CWS
Chris Carpenter STL * (Re-upped)
Bruce Chen KC
Aaron Cook COL *
Kyle Davies KC
Ryan Dempster CHC *
Justin Duchscherer OAK
Zach Duke ARI *
Jeff Francis KC
Freddy Garcia NYY
Jon Garland LAD *
Aaron Harang SD
Rich Harden OAK
Livan Hernandez WAS
Edwin Jackson CWS
Kenshin Kawakami ATL
Scott Kazmir LAA
Hiroki Kuroda LAD
Rodrigo Lopez CHC
Paul Maholm PIT
John Maine COL
Jason Marquis WAS
Kevin Millwood NYY
Scott Olsen PIT *
Roy Oswalt PHI *
Brad Penny DET
Oliver Perez NYM
Joel Pineiro LAA
CC Sabathia NYY (has an opt out)
Carlos Silva NYY
Javier Vazquez FLA
Adam Wainwright STL *
Tim Wakefield BOS
Chien-Ming Wang WAS
Brandon Webb ARI
C.J. Wilson TEX
Chris Young NYM

So, without further ado, what do you guys think of the free agent market for pitchers next season?  Their are a few on this list that I would not mind having in Cubbie Blue.

  • mrbaseball2usa

    Good to see Silva is available… We will be Carlos-less in the starting rotation next year, and will need him.

  • Norm

    CJ Wilson would probably be the only guy I would make an extra effort to sign.

    Sabathia will cost too much money and too many years.

  • Chuck

    Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth. Blech!!! What a motley group of washed up players and damaged goods.
    If someone put a gun to my head and forced to to choose 3 of those guys I would go with the following: Dempster (the devil you know), Kuroda (still prety good and on my fantasy team, I suspect it is the ballpark) and Edwin Jackson (he is youngish (27 this year) and has at least been average)
    I would not give anybody except Edwin a multi-year deal.
    I could be talked into Wakefield just because he is a knuckleballer.

  • Buddy

    Most of the pitchers on that list would either be bad news, or god-awful expensive. However, if they would take a reasonable one- or two-year deal, I would have some mild interest in a couple of the following: Vazquez, Pineiro, Harang, Penny, Francis, Garcia, or maybe even Wang. His stuff appears to be coming back after LOTS of injury trouble.

  • Buddy

    C.J. Wilson will be big-time expensive!

  • Chuck

    I forgot about CJ Wilson (thanks Norm). The fact that he went from closer to 200 innings starter in one year still terrifies me. Again, 3 years and roll the dice.

  • chet

    CJ Wilson, Edwin Jackson, Harang, Francis, and Dempster are the only choices I can see.

    CJ is the only pitcher worth paying for…..which automatically means he will be overpriced right out of the gates.

  • Jedi

    I’d check out Kuroda and Brandon Webb. And maybe some of the guys who eat innings and could be cheap – Aaron Harang, Javier Vasquez. There’s only one guy on that list worth a long-term deal, and he’s probably staying in New York.

  • Buddy

    It sounds like Webb is about done. He had yet another arm operation in August.

  • Maybe we could convince one of our guys to change his name to Carlos. Carlos Cashner is easy on the ears.

  • Joe

    I’ve always liked Brad penny. Not because he’s good, but because he’s fat and throws hard. I’ve always had a thing for hard throwing fat guys on the mound. It’s similar to Lizzie’s Geo thing.

  • Chuck

    CC is quite portly…

  • chet

    Joe, if you talk to any Tigers fan, they will tell you how much that hate that fat a$$ Penny!

  • Buddy

    I am a Tigers fan by marriage (now my second favorite team), and I’ve seen almost every Penny start this year. The results aren’t very good for 2011, but his stuff appears to be coming back (he still has a very straight fastball however). With another year of health, I think he could be a league-average starter in the NL. Also, an interesting Penny side note…check out how many day games he’s pitched this year.

  • chet

    I wonder if we have any package of players th Tigers would take for Verlander.

    Something like, we will trade you Castro, Barney, Cashner, Byrd, Soto (and we will cover Soriano’s salary entirely)




    ……I would still say no if I was the Tigers.

  • Buddy

    The Cubs have no package worthy of Verlander, which doesn’t even matter, because the Tigers aren’t dealing him under any circumstances.


    I would look into Jackson and Vazquez, 2 former White Sox castoffs on 1 or 2 year deals. I think the Sox made bad moves getting rid of both of them. And I do not want Buerhle on my team. He’s a village idiot, and he hates the Cubs to no end. And I hate him too. I think he is going to start breaking down. He is either retiring or going to the Cardinals this winter.


    Another Sox castoff, Garland, I might be interested in too. He is a good back-end guy who can eat some innings.

  • Lizzie

    @jswanson – Anything is better than “Cashie”
    @Joe – Ah yes, my chunky catcher addiction. Luckily the Cubs as a team are as hot on them as I am because we’ve got Wellington and Clevenger waiting in the wings lest Geo gets the boot. Though that will be a sad, sad day in Lizzie-dom.


    It will be a sad day indeed when Soto is finally given the boot. He showed so much promise in 2008. I thought we were going to be set on catcher for the next decade.

  • Doc Raker

    Aaron Harang had a bounce back year pitching in pitcher friendly Petco Park. What stat tells you starting pitching is important?

  • Jackson would be a nice add. He eats innings, shouldn’t be too expensive and compares favorably to Dempster. Same with Vazquez. But only 2 year contracts. And hopefully if the new gm gets some young talent they are allowed to play like the Braves, Marlins and Tampa Bay allowed their kids to.

  • chris in illinois

    Aaron Harang has a 4.70 ERA, a 1.64 whip and an opponent OB% of .374 on the road. I wouldn’t let him pitch for free in 2012.

  • Doc Raker

    Where did I hear Aaron Harangue was pitching well?

  • Buddy

    He’s been good at Petco.

  • Chuck

    Buddy: I would be good at Petco.
    I have a lot of reservations about pitchers from places like San Diego, Dodgers, Seattle and to a lesser extent the Tigers. These are your extreme pitchers parks.
    What about D-Train as a LOOGY and emergency starter against left-handed heavy lineups?

  • Buddy

    Yes, Chuck. I was answering Doc’s question. And no thanks to D-Train. He couldn’t hit water from a boat.

  • Doc Raker

    That must be it Buddy, someone on the talking box must of mentioned good numbers at Petco.

  • chris in Illinois

    “Aaron Harang had a bounce back year pitching in pitcher friendly Petco Park. What stat tells you starting pitching is important?”
    Almost forgot, I don’t understand this question…I am dense, my children tell me so every day. Are trying to say that wins for pitchers mean something??

  • Doc Raker

    Chet’s original post stated “starting pitching is important.’ I don’t disagree and I will wager most on this site will not disagree but the question is simple. What stat tells us that starting pitching is important? As in, is there a stat that tells us starting pitching is more important than hitting or fielding or coaching or bull pen pitching? What’s the stat?