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Game 132 – Play Tyler Colvin and Help Rodrigo Lopez Learn How to Pitch

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Cubs 2, Brewers 5

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game

I’m going to try something a little different today. Instead of the usual format of what went right, wrong, etc. I’m just going to go with my notes from the game.

  • The Brewers are now 48-16 at Miller Park, which is the best home record in all of baseball. If anything, Prince Fielder really did his team a service by helping the NL win the All Star game. If they get to the World Series they could be hard to beat.
  • I’m about fed up with the platoon concept when it comes to Tyler Colvin. You traded Kosuke Fukudome to see if Colvin had the skills to play every day and then you coddle him against left handed starters and give him the night off. I could see doing it against really tough lefties, but Randy Wolf isn’t that guy. I like Reed Johnson a lot, but at this point he’s not part of the future and we need to find out if Colvin is. The only way to do that is to run him out against the lefties and see what happens.
  • Starlin Castro hit a leadoff home run to deep left center field. It was the first time the kid has done that in his career. It reminded me of the Soriano leadoff days where we’d see that on a fairly regular days.
  • It’s been awhile since I’ve written any thoughts on this team so I don’t know if I’ve gotten my #FireMikeQuade jabs in there. This team is not going to move forward with him at the helm. When he was hired, I felt like it was the right call, but as things progress day after day, we continue to see him in over his head. To see him say he didn’t see the play where Castro had his back to the play as a pitch was being delivered and then bench Castro after listening to Bobby Valentine, it’s clear he’s clueless on what he’s doing. I don’t believe he has the respect in this clubhouse and he needs to be replaced when the new GM in put in place. My question is who makes that call? Normally that would be the decision of the GM, but I can’t imagine that responsibility would fall to Randy Bush since Ricketts has made it clear that he is simply a stopgap until we hire someone. Does Ricketts then make that call on Quade’s future?
  • They flashed a stat on the screen somewhere in the middle innings that hitters against Rodrigo Lopez had a .259 batting average the first time through the order, a .273 average the second time, and then .460 the third time around. We saw that come into play yesterday when he fell apart. What that tells me is that he’s not a starting pitchers. Guys can figure him out after seeing him twice. One of the reasons why, and I hate Bob Brenly for pointing it out because it makes it seem like I just took it from him, is that he shows the grip on his pitch for a split second during his windup. I have to believe guys figure that out and get used to seeing it by the third at bat. At that point, they can pick up the grip and at least know if it’s fastball or breaking ball should they be paying attention. He needs to work on correcting that and needs to be used in the pen should he be a member of this team moving forward (crossing fingers that he’s not).

Stars of the Game
Base on Win Probability Added (WPA)

1st Star – Ryan Braun (.251 WPA)

2nd Star – Randy Wolf (.139 WPA)

3rd Star – Jeff Baker (.110 WPA)


    Wow, Dusty Quade is really clueless. We fired Hendry to get a head start on 2012, why not do the same with Quade? 2012 is already a lost cause with all the bloated contracts, so why not hire a manager who won’t give a damn about the contracts so we already have a leg up going into 2013.

  • Thanks Joe, was waiting for this recap. Didn’t read it initially ‘cos thought it was another article about game 131 (not 132)
    I have difficulty believing any baseball minded GM would come in here, interview Quade and say “he’s my man”.
    As for 2012, I’ll look forward to that just like any Cubs season. Never know, with the right guys at the helm, they could surprise us.

  • lizzie

    I turned this one off after Darwin Barney sailed an ill-advised throw over Ramirez’s head turning that cocky b*stard Braun’s double into a home run. They looked like the Keystone Cops. Which is completely unrelated to Keystone LL who looked way better than the Cubs even in their loss the other night. Speaking of which, best of luck to Doc and jswanson during the showdown later!!!

  • walterj

    it’s just not quade who needs to go , it’s also dejesus and riggens who need to go as well .

  • Katie

    @walterj – Agreed. DeJesus has made some pretty bad coaching decisions on the base paths. And Riggins… well, I only like him because of his mustache. It’s pretty rad.

  • Katie

    Also, Joe I like the format today.

  • Doc Raker

    I don’t mind seeing Rodrigo Lopez start right now because it gives him time to develop. I agree he is not a starter for the future but I am all for pitching any kid as much as safely possible to understand what they really are. Rodrigo could be a quality bullpen guy in future plans. Let’s remember Carlos Marmol was a starter in 2006 with a pretty ugly 5.99 era. He moved onto the pen to be pretty effective. Wins and losses don’t really matter right now, understanding your future roster is more important than wins and losses. Figuring out Rodrigo Lopez is a bullpen guy means the day was worthwhile win or lose.

  • Doc Raker

    After Sept 1 call ups no one should be in the line up if they don’t figure in future plans. Time to grab some bench Aram and Pena. This is a good time to see if Soriano can play 1b since he will be a Cub for 3 more seasons.

  • I agree that Colvin should be playing “everyday”.

    I think Castro needs a few more days off than he is getting (he has started all but four games this year)…now Durocher is managing? No one should be playing everyday.

    I wonder how many of the faults of managers past also appear in Quade. Does he represent the “Worst of” past managers?

  • Buddy

    Rodrigo is going to be 36 this year, so I think his developing days are over.