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Game 130 – Randy Throws a Dandy

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Cubs 3, Braves 2

Box Score / Highlights

The Cubs end a three game losing streak behind Randy Wells best pitched game of the year, beating the Braves 3-2.

What went right:

  • Randy Wells pitched his best start of the year, going 6 2/3 while giving up only 1 run on 2 hits and 2 walks to go along with 6 strikeouts. He’s taken a step back this year and is likely going to have to fight for a spot in next years rotation.
  • Aramis Ramirez stayed hot, getting on base three times.
  • Alfonso Soriano hit a homer for the second night in a row.

What went wrong:

  • Mike Quade’s decision making continues to be questionable. Randy Wells showed signs of struggling in the 6th inning, but got out of it. He came up in the bottom of the inning with Soriano on second and two outs. That seemed like a good chance to pinch hit for him and thank him for a night of good pitching. He got the lead off man in the seventh, Freddi Freeman flew out to the wall, and then Chipper crushed one over the center field wall. He was removed at that point.
  • Geovany Soto had a rocket in the 8th with the bases loaded and one out that was caught by Chipper who touched third for an easy double play. Tyler Colvin did the same thing on the first base side and later scorched one to deep center, but Michael Bourn was able to grab it. Tough luck, that’s baseball for ya…Tyler could’ve got that OBP over the .200 mark!
  • Reserved for Carlos Marmol note


  • Carlos Pena was claimed off waivers by the Yankees (I guess they’ll do anything to keep Jesus Montero in AAA). The Cubs would still be on the hook for the $5 million deferred payment in his contract next January, so it doesn’t sound like they are all that anxious to move him. I don’t see why not. Let the Yankees take him and save $1 million or try and work out a trade and get something for the farm system. The Yanks won’t resign him, so if he’s still on your wish list, he’ll be there in free agency (along with Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols, who they have to at least talk to, right?). The timing of the GM change was a mistake on Ricketts part.
  • Bud Selig was in the booth talking with Len and Bob. One subject to come up was the idea of an international draft and hard slotting for draft picks. This is a great idea if he wants to lose the best athletes to other sports. The 2011 draft had the Nationals, Pirates, Royals, and Mariners as the top four spending teams with Toronto and Tampa Bay collecting the most players that signed for over $500k. What’s wrong with the way it is? You get what you pay for and if the Nat’s, Pirates, and Royals are the top three spending teams, I’d venture a guess that any team can take this strategy.
  • Aramis Ramirez is about as hot as a hitter can get. This has brought a lot of discussion about the Cubs picking up his option for next year. My opinion is absolutely. It is a mutual option, so Ramirez can decline and become a free agent. With the weak third base free agent class, he’s sure to get a multi-year deal from someone, so he’d probably decline. Then the Cubs could offer arbitration, which he’ll decline again, and be able to collect two extra draft picks. If Ramirez decides to accept the option and come back next year, the Cubs have one of the top handful of third basemen on a one year contract.

Stars of the Game
Base on Win Probability Added (WPA)

1st Star – Randy Wells (.279 WPA)

2nd Star – Alfonso Soriano (.177 WPA)

3rd Star – Carlos Marmol (.172 WPA)

  • Buddy

    Did he eat some candy with his girl Sandy?

  • Aaron Yavelberg

    Maybe Randy and Sandy were visited by Astro’s pitcher Wandy.

  • Buddy

    While reading “Deep Thoughts” by Jack Handy?

  • I’m just spitballing..but here I go:
    I was at the game last night. Tony Campana is freaking fast!!! The only Cub I can think of who was this fast was maybe Miguel Dilone. Sure he’s only putting up a .273/.310/.327 playing sporadically….with 17/18 steals. I say, start him in CF the rest of the way…and make him prove that he can’t put up a good enough OBP to be a valuable player. Nothing to lose IMO.

  • Randy

    It felt like I was watching Derrick Lowe pitch for both teams last night. Great job by Randy Wells. I’m a little curious as to why Quade didn’t pinch hit for Wells in the 6th, but he was pitching a one hit shutout at that point. However I think it was probably the right move to pull him after Chipper’s meatball, his ball wasn’t sinking anymore. Marmol needs to be moved out of the closer role for now at least until he can figure out how to throw his fastball for strikes. Woody was solid despite the one mistake pitch and should take over the role for the time being.

  • Buddy

    Play Campana and Colvin every day the rest of the year and figure out if they’re worth keeping around. My personal opinion has been and still is “no,” but hopefully I’m wrong.

  • Norm

    Agree Buddy, they’re still playing for this year rather than next year.

  • Agreed …I’m not saying that it would work out, but if he was even decent, Campana would be such a weapon….We know what Reed Johnson, Marlon Byrd, and Fonzie are.

  • Randy

    I’d hold onto Campana he’s very useful as a bench player and he’s dirt cheap. He can pinch run, be a defensive replacement, and drop one of the nastiest bunts in the bigs. I think he’s worth the league minimum for a couple of years, and maybe someone will offer us something good for him. Colvin is in need of reclamation project for some team, maybe the Rays or A’s will give us some middling prospects for him.

  • Jedi

    “If they can’t get a player they should let him go to save the money on next year’s deferred salary.”

  • Buddy

    Four errors and a rotten outing by Garza. Glad I wasn’t there today.

  • Jedi

    Garza has a ridiculous amount of errors for a starter pitcher doesn’t he? If he gets one more, that’ll be the most for an NL starter since Danny Jackson in 1992…uh oh.

  • Norm

    “If they can’t get a player they should let him go to save the money on next year’s deferred salary.”

    Oy vey. I wrote that before it became known the Cubs would still be on the hook for the deferred salary. What is your point?!? It doesn’t change the fact that they should let him go.