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August 2011



Roundtable: Are the Cubs a Bad Franchise?

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Recently, Fox Sports named the Cubs as “one of the 10 worst franchises in sports.” Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Jim BurwitzI’m not sure if the Cubs belong in the top 10, but they’re not even close to the worst franchise in sports. The L.A. Clippers hold that title. The Clippers have never appeared in the NBA finals. Hell, they’ve never even won their division. Since 1970, the mighy Clippers have finished above .500 only seven times. Mike Freakin’ Dunleavy leads the franchise in coaching wins, and his Clipper winning percentage is .397. If that wasn’t enough, the Clippers are legendary for screwing up drafts. Former first-round picks include Shaun Livingston (#4 overall), Darius Miles (#3 overall), Danny Ferry (#2 overall), and the great Michael Olowokandi (#1 overall).

Mark SricklerI don’t know what they’re smokin’ but I want some.  One of the most watched franchises in baseball that just sold as part of a $980 million dollar deal?  Success doesn’t always translate into profits and if you’re a business profits are a big part of the equation.  Hopefully this is not a signal that Fox Sports is going to follow the bombastic path that their so-called news channel has chosen…or have they already?

Dave Moresi – This depends entirely upon your definition of “worst” and “best”. MLB is entertainment.  Are the Cubs the “worst” entertainment there is?  Attendance figures would indicate not. I know my dad (“The World’s Greatest Living Cubs Fan”) enjoyed being taken to Wrigley by his dad &/or his uncle when he was a boy.  And that grandfather enjoyed listening to the Cubs on the radio well after his 100th birthday. My dad and I enjoyed going to Wrigley together on a regular basis during the 50s and 60s, and occasionally since then.  I’ve enjoyed following the Cubs again over the past three years.  Best show in town. My dad did actually comment last week that he’s “not sure this Ricketts guy knows what he’s doing”. I do know that Tom Ricketts is NOT (at this time) a Hall Of Fame baseball guy, so I hope he listens well and learns a lot during the GM interview process.  And I hope he ultimately makes the right choice.  This has not been a lot of fun lately.

  • Norm

    If winning is the most important thing, then yes, they are one of the worst, if not THE worst.

  • Buddy

    The Clippers: 41 seasons. No titles. No title appearances. No division titles. Alltime record 1207-2123, which is a “winning” percentage of .362.

  • flyslinger2

    Just ask all of the fans in the bleachers at AWAY games that are decked out in Cubs paraphernalia if they think the same. Every pan of the TV camera shows many faithful at the opposing teams park. Add to that all the many more that aren’t able to attend. I think there is a strong case for refuting the claim.

    If economics is taken into consideration, the daily balance sheet may not reflect a positive cash flow. But when franchises are sold, most gain an amazing profit.

    I would chalk this article up to poor investigative journalism. Which is not normal for Fox as a whole. Independent audit firms rate Fox as one of the most unbiased of all news organizations.

  • mastrickatwork

    Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly…unbiased?

  • Agree with flyslinger2.

    No they are not one of the 10 worst franchises in sports. I have to travel to see these guys play. Seattle, SF, AZ, LA, NYC and Philly. Seen em more times outside of Chicago than in. The fans are faithful and come to the away games in masses wearing Cubs stuff. The fans care and want to see them win….year after year, after…….I know that’s only one side of the equation, but an important one. There are many sorry ass franchises that fans do not do this for. Cubs post season record could be better, but they can’t be one of the 10 worst in sports.

  • chris in Illinois

    I’m assuming that Pittsburgh and Houston were on the list as well??

  • Seymour Butts

    Fair and balanced…just ask them.

    The Simpson’s had a news helicopter a few years ago with this splashed on it’s side…”Fox News…Not racist, but number one among racists”.

    The Cubs franchise epitomises the idea of success without achieving the mountain apex. The legions of loving fans, us included, make this a very successful franchise. The Yankees can have their 28 WS wins, they have to live on the East Coast..ain’t nothin’ worth that kind of pain.

  • Doc Raker

    “Best’ and ‘worst’ is like any other stat, open to interpretation. If measuring for wins the Cubs are a pretty lousy franchise. If measured by popularity they are one of the best. If measured by fan experience at Wrigley Field they are one of the best. If measured by dollar value they are one of the best. If measured by longevity they are one of the best. I choose to measure not on wins.

  • CubbieDude

    Good points, Doc Raker. I will also choose to measure not on wins alone. But at some point, a winning trend would be much appreciated.

  • Doc Raker

    I am with you CubbieDude, it will be all that much sweeter.


    Contrary to popular belief, the Cubs are not losers. They have an all-time winning record.