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August 2011



When Was the Last Time…?

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Last Friday, Tony Campana sparked Campanamania with his inside the park home run. It was the first inside the park home run since blah blah blah. That got me thinking about other events in Cub history and when the last time they occurred. Without delay, here are some that I dug up.

  • Last Cub with a 200+ hit season – Juan Pierre (2006)
  • Last Cub with  40+ stolen base season – Juan Pierre (2006)
  • Last Cub with 100+ base on balls season – Sammy Sosa (2002)
  • Last Cub to reach base on catchers interference – Tyler Colvin (2010)
  • Last Cub to strike out 6+ times in a game – Don Hoak (5/2/1956)
  • Last Cub to walk 5 times in a game – Eric Young (6/30/2000)
  • Last Cub to steal 5 bases in a game – Eric Young (5/14/2000)
  • Last Cub with 14 total bases in a game – Aramis Ramirez (9/16/2004)
  • Last Cub to pitch 10+ innings in a game – Mike Bielecki (5/22/1990)
  • Last Cub pitcher to walk 10 or more hitters – Ralph Hamner (9/22/1947)
  • Last Cub pitcher to give up more than 8 runs and still get the win – Lynn McGlothen (5/10/1980)
  • Last Cub pitcher to throw 50+ pitches in one inning of work – Thomas Diamond (9/5/2010)
  • Last Cub pitcher with 3+ balks in a game – Les Lancaster (7/5/1987)*

* – I don’t know how many of them he called, but it’s no surprise that Bob Davidson was one of the umpires on duty that day.


  • Buddy

    I’m guessing Juan Pierre also lead the N.L. in outs made in 2006. And to quote an “old pal”…”What we need is more pitching and less Lancaster.”

  • Is there even a term for 6 Ks in a game? That is amazing.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    Wikipedia says that 6 K’s in a game is called the “Horn” or the “Titanium Sombrero.” And it gave a list of players who have achieved (?) the feat.

  • Aaron Yavelberg

    I have to say, it makes me feel a lot better now that I see Hoak’s six K’s were in a 17-inning game. It hadn’t even occurred to me that the game would have gone to extras. I’d figured the guy was just that bad.

  • Real Seymour Butts

    Last out of today’s (Thursday) game a warning track fly caught by Johnson at which time Len say something like..”well Marmol got out of it”…Sure… I suppose…

    I’m ready to trade Marmol. It’s one thing to blow a save because you’re not that good, it’s another to consistently pout a well pitched game in jeopardy because your cranium is empty and you forget the ball has to occasionally cross the plate on the fly.

    Let Samardzija close, it may not be electric, but it won’t be pathetic.

  • Norm

    8 straight K’s now for Wood.

  • Lando87

    And the red hot Chicago Cubs have won 9 of their last 11! *Rolls eyes*

  • Lando87

    If we finish ahead of the Pirates (who are probably regretting the DLee and Ludwick deals) and/or Reds it’ll probably be enough for Quade and Hendry to come back next year.

  • Buddy

    I think they’ll bring Quade back no matter what. Not so sure about Hendry.

  • Noah Eisner

    The Pirates didn’t give up anything significant in the Lee and Ludwick deals, so it doesn’t really matter. They took their shot, it didn’t work, but they didn’t set themselves back at all by doing it.

    As far as the numbers listed, Castro will reach 200 hits this season unless for some reason he misses a bunch of time. Pena has an outside chance at 100 BBs if he stays at the team, although that would require him getting 31 more walks in the last 50 or games. And it’s also not clear he’ll be a Cubs in September.

  • Marmol can come into a routine save situation and quickly put the game into serious doubt. Civil words escape me when I try to describe how I feel about him as our closer, except for two.

    Marmol gone.

  • Doc Raker

    Poor Pittsburgh, they had a solid team of youth and crapped it all up acquiring an over rated veteran like Dlee.

  • How did Pittsburgh “crap it up” over DLee? Was Baker, the 1B the Pirates gave up for him, even in their top 15 prospects? He looks like he might be a decent “B” prospect, but it’s not like they gutted their team for DLee.

  • Doc Raker

    Your name befits your post Dusty Baylor, Dlee is not a winner at this point in his career. The Braves learned that lesson last year and now the Pirates will. This is not an opinion of what the other Pirate options are, just that Dlee will not get it done.

  • Aaron Yavelberg

    Marmol actually reminds me a lot of “Wild Thing” Mitch Williams. He’ll walk the bases loaded and then strike out the side (on the good days; on the bad days, he’ll give up a grand slam).

  • Please note my comment, that I did not say “DLee will get it done.” I asked, how did they “crap up” the team by getting DLee? He’s a minor upgrade over Overbay, and they gave up a B prospect to get him. so again, the question is, how did they “crap up” their team? Even at this point, isn’t Lee better than Overbay? THE Lyle Overbay?

  • To make another point, acquiring DLee did not crap the Pirates up…being the Pirates did. They are getting below average production from C, 3B, SS, and 1B, and rode a wave of Central Division mid-season mediocrity to an illusion of contending status. They are an improved team. They are not a contending team yet.


    I remember that game in 2000 vs. the Brewers. I think the Brewers gave him a 4-finger salute in the 15th inning because they wanted the game over or something. I remember in the 9th inning, the Cubs were down 1, bases loaded, and Young dodged a tag to avoid a force-out and tie the game.

  • Buddy

    Ah, the old “he’s not a winner” debate. Always a favorite. How come nobody every says “That Luis Sojo just knew how to win.” The guy has four rings, so he must “know how to win,” right?

  • Well if that’s the debate? Overbay=0 rings, DLee =1 Ring
    So Lee is better? Lol.

  • Buddy

    And Frank Crosetti must have REALLY known how to win, because he had something like 17 World Series rings as a player and coach.