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Game 104 – Zack Attack

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Cubs 0, Brewers 2

Box Score / Highlights

The Cubs could only muster 4 hits against Zack Greinke and the Brewers while being shut out for the seventh time of the season. Two runs was all the Brewers needed to send the Cubs back to 20 games below .500.

What went right:

  • Overall, the pitching was solid. 6 hits and 2 runs will win you a lot of games with an average offense.
  • Starlin Castro can turn infield hits into outs. He got Nyjer Morgan by bare-handing a hard hit check swing on the infield dirt and making a strong throw to Pena for the out.
  • The Bratwurst won the 7th inning sausage race. I love brat’s. Especially the cheddar filled brat’s.

What went wrong:

  • Runs. They couldn’t get any. The Cubs have started a new streak; 17 innings without scoring.
  • Starlin Castro can turns outs into infield hits. He had a hard time getting the ball out of his glove on a hard hit grounder allowing Rickie Weeks to leg out a single. Should have been an error, but it wasn’t, and we have better ways of measuring defense these days anyway.
  • Rickie Weeks took a nasty spill on that play, rolling his ankle. Hopefully not too bad, no word as of this writing other than it wasn’t a break.


  • Ryan Braun. I can’t stands’m! Let’s a foul ball drop, doesn’t run out the play, and is as cocky as anyone in the game. Good hitter though.
  • Prince Fielder had an opposite field homer on a ball at chest level, showing his massive power. Can the Cubs add $15-$20 million in payroll next season? What if the Cubs resign Aramis and then sign Prince and CC Sabathia while losing Fukudome, Grabow, and Samardzija (about $21 million)? Does that make them contenders (Won’t happen, just askin)?

Around the League:

  • The St. Louis Cardinals  made it a little easier for the Cubs to beat them in the 2012-2014 seasons by trading centerfielder Colby Rasmus to the Toronto Blue Jays for some immediate help in Edwin Jackson and Octavio Dotel. The White Sox saved a bunch of money by sending Edwin Jackson to Toronto along with Mark Teahen. Good to see the White Sox saving money when they’re 3.5 games out of first and good to see the Cardinals letting Tony LaRussa make the personnel decisions.
  • The Giants will soon get Carlos Beltran for a few minor leaguers, headlined by Zack Wheeler. The Giants are then expected to release Pat Burrell. Why would any team take Alfonso Soriano, even if the Cubs paid 90% of the remaining dollars, over Pat Burrell at a few hundred thousand?
  • Ervin Santana threw a no-hitter against the Indians, but seems overshadowed with the trades and the bad call in the Pittsburgh-Atlanta game on Tuesday.

Stars of the Game
Base on Win Probability Added (WPA)

1st Star – Zack Greinke (.385 WPA)

2nd Star – Prince Fielder (.087 WPA)

3rd Star – John Axford (.080 WPA)

  • doug bagley

    Im hoping for some trades just to have something else to talk about other than another loss. and couldnt agree more about braun being the cockiest you know what in the game

  • Mark in Toronto

    On a postive note, that now makes 2 straight games where in spite of going to bed early, I didn’t miss any of the scoring in the game.

    The whole Colby Rasmus trade has turned into the top news story of the day here in Toronto, I guess the Jays will have to see if he can return to his rookie form.

    • Norm

      I’m jealous they have AA as GM! Dumping Rios, then Wells, getting Escobar, signing Bautista to a relatively cheap deal, and now Rasmus (and I still like Travis Snider)…

  • Buddy

    Great trade by the Jays. Rasmus is going to be a star.

  • Buddy

    I’m a Snider fan as well. Hopefully they just leave him in the lineup this time and let him develop.

  • doug bagley

    Rosenthal just tweeted indians in serious talks to get fukudome

    • Aaron Yavelberg

      They’ve been talking about this for at least a week or two. Cleveland has been looking to replace the injured Shin-Soo Choo; Fukudome plays the same position, hits for average (most of the time) and has an above-average glove.

      • Scott

        I know he didn’t live up to the hype surrounding him as the hybrid of Ichiro and Matsui, and was overpaid(both not really his fault) but I’ll be sad to see Fukudome go. He plays good defense, and gets on base better than any other Cub. Plus he’s the only MLB player to wear Asics. Cool. I’ll root for him in Cleveland.

      • My mother-in-law wears Asics. She pronounces the brand with a soft a…making it “ASS – ICKS.” My wife and I joke about this often.

    • Norm

      Garbage in return for Fukudome…which is why its no big deal that Jeff Baker is “untouchable”. Get garbage for him next year just like they’d get this year. Only Baker can still produce vs. lefties until next July.

      • Jedi

        Only one (maybe two teams) really wanted Fukudome, there just wasn’t a market for him – and we’ve been shopping him incessantly for at least two years.

        Baker’s market is a lot bigger, and you can’t really know what teams will offer until you actually take calls on the guy. And since he’s not doing anything on our bench, why keep him?

        Plus my biggest problem with Hendry’s stance on Baker is that he plans for him to play a “big role” in 2012. So he’s going to be a starter? Or still a hack on the bench? Either way, it’s stupid to tell teams you aren’t going to trade a guy that you won’t even play in games. He’s started FIVE GAMES all month and we won’t even listen to deals?

  • Jedi
  • I just got an email from a buddy that Pena to the Pirates may go down too…LaHair might get some looks too? I’m holding my breath for Grabow to get swept away in the fire-sale. Please…somebody…

  • Jason
  • Lizzie

    This really has nothing to do with anything but Joe A. you were in my dream last night. You were going to buy my car but as we were (???) walking the car over a narrow bridge you let it fall off into the water. You didn’t want the car anymore. I’m sure it has something do with Jim Hendry and the trade deadline. Except he’d probably still pay good money for the waterlogged mess and give it a 10 year promise.

    • doug bagley

      if this were facebook I would’ve “liked” this! well done lizzie

    • Joe

      Odd, but we’ll go with it.

  • You guys are crazy, Abner Abreu is a can’t miss prospect just look at his fabulous 22/102 K/BB ratio! Just the kind of swing first ask questions later player this franchise’s guiding principles looks for!


    • Honestly I do sound a little bitter, but this is more freeing up a place to play Colvin than anything else. Not like many people really expected to get much from Fook.

  • Buddy

    I’ve never heard of either prospect. Hopefully Sickels or Law will do a write up on them soon.

    • Norm

      In exchange, the Cubs get reliever Carlton Smith and outfielder Abner Abreu. Abreu is at least an interesting lottery ticket, sporting awful plate discipline but good bat speed and some power when he gets his arms extended. He’s just 21 and is already repeating high Class A, so he’s been moved aggressively, but has also shown very little development in his ability to recognize balls from strikes — and the Cubs have not had success in teaching impatient hitters how to work the count. Smith is a situational right-hander who has given up a .292/.395/.508 line to left-handed hitters this year and might get a few cups of coffee if all goes well.

      • Buddy

        Thanks Norm. Mr. Sickels’ comments will likely be similar, but please post them if you seen them.

  • Buddy


  • Buddy

    Fitting that you selected a Zack Morris photo, as the 2011 Cubs are a lot like “Saved by the Bell.” You know it’s terrible, but for some reason you keep watching.

  • PackerCubBull

    Good thing we unloaded Fukudome. And we trade him to a White Sox rival. Can’t wait to see them complain when we don’t trade Ramirez to them. I remember reading the White Sox boards in 2006 after we traded Neifi and Nevin to the Tigers and Twins, and they were having a cow that we didn’t trade Howry or Erye to them. Uh yeah, Neifi and Nevin weren’t part of our 2007 plans. Howry and Eyre were.