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July 2011



VFTB Radio – Episode 1

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This week we navigated a new ocean here on the site. It’s the introduction of VFTB Radio, designed to be a weekly podcast discussing the team.  The topics discussed by Brandon, Jeremiah and me in the inaugural edition were:

1. Carlos Marmol’s recent struggles- how should the Cubs handle this?  Will he return to form by the end of the season?

2. Did Mike Quade handle Marmol properly on Friday and Saturday?

3. Dave Bush Signing- Is it a good idea for the Cubs to take a chance on guys like Davis, Lopez, Ortiz & Bush?

4. Chris Carpenter Sent Back to AAA, Ortiz Stays in the Pen

5. Reaction to Ken Rosenthal’s Cubs trade deadline update (Link) & other pre-deadline thoughts

Enjoy and be sure to let us know your thoughts.

Download the show (13.5 mb / 29 min 30 sec)

  • Jedi

    As you wish Joe – I listened to it earlier. I like the different opinions; like that you posted the questions on the page; like that there was a bit of variety in the topics.

    There was some background noise that made it a bit difficult to listen to at times. It might flow a bit more naturally if your interviewer (which seemed to be Brandon this week) only asked the questions, not participating in the answer.

    All in all, really good. I liked the bit about all the retread pitchers vs. a guy like Scott Kazmir.

    • Yeah, we talked about the background noise. Each of us will mute mics when not talking.

      Good feedback on Brandon.

  • junior

    Like the idea of the “broadcast” and everyone is entitled to their opinions but the section on Carpenter needs to have a few more facts. He had TJ in 2005 (freshman year of college), has never relieved until the AFL last year. He has been a starter for the Cubs system since signing. Led the organization (minors) in ERA in 2009 and 3rd last year. Just started throwing his slider 3 weeks before his callup and 2 of his walks were an intentional one at Washington, and an unintentional intentional one against SF. Sure he needs work, but they put him in tough situations in 7 his 10 appearences with men on and 1 out or less. I thought he held his own fine. Does he need work and improvement, you bet, but if he is part of the future in a lost year, he needs to be up there. The ol’ vet stuff has worn out its welcome. I am a cousin, so I am somewhat biased but I am a Cub fan who is tired of the nonsense of the front office and it needs to cease now if they plan on going forward at all.

  • Buddy

    Nice work guys. I liked the Lovie Smith comment. Looking forward to more sessions.

  • Doc Raker

    Nice work- get the Capn in there- he has the gift of gab and will make it very entertaining.

  • Josh

    I was at the Pawtucket Red Sox and Durham Bulls game the other night to see Crawford.

    Chirinos and Guyer looked pretty darn good. Which just made me more depressed about this season…..

  • Buddy

    Looks like Chirinos got the call to Tampa. He’s in the lineup vs. the Yankees tonight.

  • Josh

    He is indeed.

    About to get his first major league at bat too.

    I’m still mixed about the deal. I like Garza as a future part of our rotation, but I still believe we gave up more than the Sox did to get Adrian

  • Josh

    And a double to start his career off.


  • Jedi

    Josh – we may have given up more, but that in and of itself doesn’t make it a bad deal. We also got a guy with two more years of arbitration and current salary less than $6mil. The Sox got a guy who was going to free agency and in order to keep him, they had to shell out $154mil for 7 years.

  • Josh

    I’m not saying it was a bad deal. I grew up in the town where the Twins AA squad is located, so I’m pretty familiar with Garza’s development up until now.

    I just think we gave up too much for a move that says more “win-now” than “build for the future.”

    Garza is a solid number 2 or 3 not an ace.

    The prospects we gave up make up ace quality trade status.

  • Doc Raker

    Adrian Gonzales is the one guy I would pay big bucks to and or trade away anyone to get, the guy will be a monster for the next decade.

  • Josh

    @Doc That’s what I’m saying. I don’t think Hendry ever sent them a fair offer. I’d find it hard to believe that the Padres would have turned down the prospects we gave the Rays for Garza.

    This team needs bright young stars like Castro. Trading them away for anything other than elite players is just going to continue this miserable cycle.

  • Norm

    Maybe more in quantity, but not more in quality. I’ll take Anthony Rizzo over any of the prospects.

  • Buddy

    Agreed Norm. I love Rizzo. And the Padres got Casey Kelly in that deal.

  • Josh

    Rizzo is good for sure.

    But Lee is the 2nd rated prospect in the entire Leauge behind Matt Moore…..both are on the Rays.

  • Buddy

    Lee is the #2 prospect in the AL? According to who?

  • Norm

    no he’s not. #2 on the Rays, maybe. Top 20 overall, yes, top 10 to some, yes. But not #2 overall.
    And the Cubs have a shortstop. You trade from a position of strength to get a position of weakness (starting pitching). I’d take a power hitting 1B over a SS today any day of the week, and the Padres probably preferred that route as well. And this is coming from a guy that LOVED HJL when he was on the Cubs.
    Not to mention that the Padres front office personnel CAME from Boston, so they had a much better feel for what they were getting than if they dealt with any other team.

  • Buddy

    That was my reaction as well. Plenty of AL prospects I would rank over Lee.

  • Josh

    I remembered his ranking wrong. I apologize.

    He’s 7th on Keith Law’s updated prospect list behind Harper, Moore, Shelby Miller, Carlos Martinez, Manny Machado and Devin Mesoraco.

    My original point wasn’t to say we should have traded for the Padres. I shouldn’t have even mentioned it. My point is that we gave up too much for a guy that will never become a number one starter.

  • Norm

    Well we can disagree on that. Depending on your definition of “ace”, I think he’s one of the top 15-20 pitchers in the league. Playing in front of the worst defense in baseball is going to bring his numbers down, but according to any advanced pitching statistic, he’s been pretty fantastic.

  • Josh

    I think top 20 is a stretch.

    Top 40 is more reasonable.

    We can agree to disagree HAHA