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Game 96 – Twenty Games Under .500

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Cubs 5, Marlins 7

Box Score / Highlights

What went right:

  • The first two innings were great for the offense. 3 consecutive doubles and an RBI single by DeWitt made up for Wells’ bad first inning.
  • Wells got the only stroke of good luck today in the 5th when he got out of the bases loaded jam.
  • Castro took a walk.
  • Soriano didn’t start.

What went wrong:

  • Wells was really bad in the first inning. He walked the leadoff man and then gave up a 2-run HR to Dobbs, then Hanley hit a home run to put the Marlins up 3-0. Thankfully it didn’t get any worse until the 8th inning.
  • DeWitt played left field. He didn’t do terribly, but he is not an outfielder.
  • As much as I like Tony Campana, he can’t put the ball in play. He needs to do that before they bring him in for close situations.
  • The umpires made some very bad calls. Wood had Hayes picked off at 2nd and the ump missed the call. It would have ended the inning and Wood would not have walked Dobbs and the game would have stayed tied. But no. Bad luck had to come our way AGAIN. Good grief.
  • Castro took the only walk.
  • Soriano came up to pinch hit.


  • Castro blew through the stop sign by DeJesus on Ramirez’s double and scored without a problem. Why was he trying to stop one of our quickest players? If it would have been Soto, he would have sent him.
  • Riggins’ mustache is phenomenal. Maybe the rest of the team should try to grow one, but then Castro and Campana would feel bad.
  • My Dad: “Oh no, Kerry Wood.” The beginning of the 8th was not good for Wood. But, after the missed call at 2nd, you can’t really blame him for the runs. They should have been out of the inning at that point.
  • Bob Brenly was more fired up after the missed call at 2nd than Quade was. Bob’s inner manager really came out today, and the corny jokes were kept to a minimum on his part.
  • Strikeout or foul ball? That was the strangest play I’ve seen. Personally, it looked like a foul ball and the ball boy thought so too. Thankfully, it didn’t come back to bite us. It would be nice if some of the ball boy’s hustle would rub off on to the rest of the team.

The Takeaway:

The game started out fast paced but then it turned into a real snoozer. Innings 5-7 were uneventful. If the Cubs could pace themselves and get runs in the middle of the game instead of at the beginning and the end, and if the pitchers can figure out how to get through the first inning without giving up a bunch of runs, the games might have better outcomes. If we can figure out how to have more runs than our opponent at the end of the game, we might win a couple. Maybe.

Granted, there were a couple bad calls by the umps today, but the Cubs still can’t figure out how to win.

Stars of the Game
Base on Win Probability Added (WPA)

1st Star – Greg Dobbs (.370 WPA)

2nd Star – Burke Badenhop (.208 WPA)

3rd Star – John Buck (.178 WPA)

  • Eddie Von White

    Good call, Katie.

    I’ve always been impressed with the way that ball boy hustles. Sometimes he’s more entertaining to watch at Wrigley than the Cubs. Quade probably would have argued the call more intensely but he probably didn’t want to get the ball boy fired.

    Watching the Cubs is like watching a train wreck. You don’t want to look but you just can’t help it.

  • Doc Raker

    All you folks squaking these past few days about Quade not removing Marmol quickly enough please take note of Kerry Wood. This is what Quade has to work with. Quade has one guy in the bullpen he can trust and his starters are the worst in the bigs. How do you manage around that?

  • One bloop hit error away from a 4 game sweep by the Marlins at Wrigley. Does it get better?

  • Jedi

    Doc, Russell’s been good at cleaning up the bullpen mess lately, not sure why Wood has to be the ONLY option when Marmol is in trouble. In fact, Quade’s mismanagement of Wood is often times just as bad…today we just got boned by the ump, not really sure what you think that proves.

    DeWitt DID misplay Cameron’s hit the fourth which directly led to a tied game. I can’t believe we keep putting him out there.

  • Buddy

    I really think you’re both right. Quade’s isn’t a very good manager, and the Cubs pitching staff is awful. That would be more than enough for most crummy teams, but wait! America’s favorite collection of punching bags is also rotten offensively (to the tune of a .314 team onbase percentage). Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the defense sucks too.

  • Jedi

    Buddy, I’m under no delusion that we’re loaded with All-Stars; it’s a very average roster. Unfortunately our record suggests that we’ve compiled the second worst roster in MLB. That’s simply not the case, leaving Quade and the coaching staff as the difference between average and horrendous.

  • Sounds like I didn’t miss much.

  • Buddy

    You missed a riveting interview with Gary Sinise (sarcasm intended).

  • Doc Raker

    How did we get boned by the ump? A blown call on a pick off move? Like I tell my little leaguers, umps blow calls just like players make errors. Get the guy out in the first place and you don’t have to pick them off. The Marlin’s scored 3 runs in the inning, one blown call does not equal 3 runs. Yes, Russell has been good as a left handed specialist but the bullpen is thin. As Buddy pointed out, this team doesn’t do much very well and I just don’t think it is the coaching, it is the players.

  • Doc Raker

    Is Quade and expert manager, no- but Connie Mack himself couldn’t play .500 with this group of over paid underachievers.

  • Doc Raker

    Was it the umps fault Wood hit the batter in the helmet with a curve ball? Our 10 year old travel team faced pitchers today with better command of their off speed pitches. Two BB and a HBP and you want to blame the umpire. Please, sell it to the people that thought signing a .196 hitter for $10M was a good idea- they are pretty gullible.

  • Katie

    Buck ducked into that curve, then they had Hayes pinch run for him. Hayes was picked off at 2nd but the ump missed the call. That would have ended the inning.

  • BuckeyeLakerCub

    Work was more entertaining than this. I got the Gatorade dunk at the end of the night

  • Doc Raker

    I didn’t see the HBP I was listening to the radio. Are you suggesting it was a good pitch and the hitter just out foxed Wood and the umpire to take the HBP? That would be 2 blown calls for the inning since a hitter needs to make an attempt to get our of the way. Pat and Keith made no mention of a blown call on the HPB. Regardless, 2 walks, a HBP, 3 runs and you want to blame a blown call. How about throwing strikes and making the other team beat you instead of issuing 3 free passes. Yes, the inning would of been over had they gotten the pick off but the inning could of ended several hitters prior had Wood thrown strikes and gotten outs, like a good reliever is suppose to do. I did a vodka soda dunk at the end of this night.

  • Buddy

    It’s interesting that you picked Connie Mack to make your point. His career winning percentage is .486.

  • Doug S.

    What exactly does Crane Kenney do for the organization?

  • Randy

    It was a game decided by bad calls, hard to fault the the regular punching bags here. On the HBP, Buck clearly ducked into the pitch, but it being that high armslot curve from a RHP it looked like it was going to hit him in the head. He ducked, and when the ball curved it hit him anyways. If he doesn’t duck there it’s merely a ball inside. I’m not sure how the second base umpire missed that pick off, he was out by a mile and the camera view showed he had the perfect angle.

  • chet

    Connie Mack would be an interesting case study on the effect a manger has on a teams Win/Loss record.

    He managed for over 50 years. In the middle of those 50 years he had a stretch of years (about 10 between 1915 and 1925) where his team regularly lost over 100 games.

    He also won 4 world series and 2 other AL pennants and had stretches of years where his team won over 100 games. This was back before wild card and playoffs and such… was harder to get to the world series back then. Your team could win 95 games and still no post season.

  • chet

    check that 5 WS champs and 4 other AL pennants

  • PackerCubBull

    I’ve heard Crane Kenny is trying to become the next commissioner of MLB after Selig steps down.

  • Jedi

    Anytime DeWitt plays LF while healthy outfielders rot on the bench, Quade can be blamed at least in part.

  • cap’n obvious

    The safe call at 2nd on the pick-off was far from the worst call I’ve ever seen, but it was bad. How does Quade not AT LEAST go out and give the 2b umpire an earful after that, and stand up for his veteran pitcher and rookie shortstop, who both executed a difficult timing play perfectly, only to get screwed by a bad call. No way the call changes, I get that, but at least your players know you have their backs…I mean, what the hell else is Quade good for if he can’t get himself run and get the crowd and the players a little fired up in that situation.

  • flyslinger2

    20 games below .500. That’s a month of baseball wasted. And in those 20 games what have they learned: Not one big position change in the field. Not one big pitching change. Not one big staff change in the office. This team is still in it’s stupor from it’s long winters nap. They may wake up around Thanksgiving of this year and realize that there is baseball to be played, contracts to be evaluated and personnel changes to make. And hopefully they can execute before the ’12 season is upon us.

  • chet

    flyslinger2 , you didn’t mention the big signing of Dave Bush that took place over the past week or so. THAT IS HUGE!!!!

    Not too mention the call up of Ramon Ortiz….AKA World Changer!

    Yes, there was no excuse for Quade not pitching at least a small fit.

    Kerry Wood has definitely imploded to a degree. Pretty sad when James Russell is being considered a dependable option out of the pen.

  • Doc Raker

    Chet- Thanks for the history on Connie Mack. Fifty years of managing, how incredible is that. I have a copy of Connie Macks signature and a hand written note from him.

  • Larry Sproul

    Another L for the team . A blown call that would have got the Cubs out of the inning . Quade does not show up to argue the call . Has he given up also ?

    Blake Dewitt back to left field again . 20 games under .500 for a club with this payroll . Hard to swallow for the fans .

  • Buddy

    I had dinner with Connie Mack once. He ordered boneless wings.

  • Norm

    Same old Cubs. All I can really say.

  • Doc Raker

    All this fuss about a blown call, the Cubs would still have to get 3 outs in the ninth and beyond of a tie game. Winners don’t wine about blown calls, they overcome.

  • I wonder how the insufferable anti-Quade crowd will peg tonight’s impending loss against Halladay on ol’ Q-Ball…not arguing is going to be a tough excuse to beat.

  • Jedi

    You’ll need to read the posts again, no one is indicating that Quade’s lack of argument lost us the game.

    But I’m glad to know that with your vast playing experience, you didn’t have a problem playing for a manager who wouldn’t back you up.

  • Norm

    I don’t see the big deal about not arguing the call at 2B. Brenly had access to the replay and didn’t get fired up about it until after seeing it. Quade can’t see that. Shouldn’t he at least KNOW what he’s arguing about before he’s arguing about it?

  • I wonder how the insufferable Jedi Johnson will peg tonight’s impending loss against Halladay on ol’ Q-Ball…some worn out statement about Blake DeWitt will be a tough one to beat.

  • chet

    that is true Norm, In Qaude’s defense (eating your vomit yet jedi?) he had a terrible angle of view from the dugout. While I did not see the play live (caught the replay) did Starlin or Kerry flip out? Quade may have been going on their reaction…..

    One of the toughest things to stomach about this Cubs team is there inability to come back from these type of incidents.

    I liked Blake De Witt as a left fielder….he had a hot bat at the time and fielded better then Soriano.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    jswanson–It’s been so long since you said anything of substance, I can’t remember what your position is on Quade. Do you think he’s really do the best he can in all facets of the game? And do you think he’s the guy to lead the Cubs into next season and beyond?

    Make an argument. Your vitriol and your hurt feelings are a waste of our time.

  • Jeremiah Johnson

    BTW, nice job Katie. Good recap on a frustrating game. I’m pro-mustache, too.

  • Eddie Von White

    Umpires don’t win or lose games but that game yesterday sure was a momentum swing. The Cubs would have gone to bat with the adrenaline flowing, instead they were like a deflated balloon.

    Winners don’t whine about blown calls, but when your team is losing all the time, you whine about everything – even the announcers. I wish the field was as dry as it used to be when we watch old games on MLB. Dust whirlwinds used to blow up in the middle of an inning and they played right through. You’d never see dust today.

  • Jedi

    Chet – that’s a complete myth – he did NOT have a hot bat at the time. His season numbers were .250/.270/.361, and he had one single hit to his credit in the previous two weeks before he started in LF. He was the exact opposite of hot.

    I don’t mind Blake DeWitt – I mind Blake DeWitt in LF. He’s misplayed at least one ball in virtually every start he’s had in LF. The fact is, he’s a worse outfielder than Soriano, and that’s saying something. And it’s not DeWitt’s fault – can you imagine the Yankees taking a backup infielder and tossing him out in LF, allowing him to repeatedly misplay balls hit to him? No, because they are a professional organization with a legitimate manager.

  • Oh Jesus Christ…there are two of you. I really wasn’t quarrelsome until you guys toddled over here. It takes a lot to get me fired up, so congratulations on that front, I guess.

  • Jedi

    jswanson – that’s funny, you’re getting all fired up about things that no one has said. Maybe your reading comprehension is to blame.

  • Jedi

    Question for those of you who love DeWitt in LF.

    Erase the Lilly & Theriot for DeWitt trade. What if we were starting Theriot in LF?

    Wouldn’t that be completely and utterly absurd? Or what if it was Mike Fontenot in LF? You realize that Blake DeWitt is essentially Fontenot or Theriot? Even the average Cub fan would be enraged if we put Fontenot or Theriot in the outfield to start a game; but because there’s a general lack of familiarity with Blake DeWitt, Quade’s been able to pull the wool over the casual fans eyes. “If Quade says he can play LF, he can play LF” – seems to be the general consensus.

    I don’t get how Quade has earned that type of credibility.

  • Yavelberg

    I still consider myself somewhat of a newcomer to VFTB but I’m going to invoke the Ten Commandments anyway just because some of the other comments reminded me of them:

    II. Thou Shall Not personally attack other commenters

    III. Thou Shall Not bait other commenters

    IV. Thou Shall Not argue for the sake of arguing

    In addition, I’m also having a problem with the Cubs team, in general (I know, I know, add my name to the list). Commandment VIII states, “Thou Shall Not make the same point over and over again.” But by now, aren’t we all just running out of new points to make? How many different ways can we say that the team isn’t talented, the season is lost and Quade is a crappy manager?

  • chet

    Theriot actually did play left field….6 times in 2007….4 games in left and 2 in right.

    It really isn’t that odd to see an infielder play the outfield…..I mean after all, Soriano ended up in left field after starting his career at 2nd.

    Biggio and Yount made the transition pretty well.

    If you are an athlete you can do it. De Witt had 0 errors as a left fielder….I even remember him making a game saving catch in one game.

  • Jedi

    You’re making my point for me Chet – Theriot played the outfield all of 17 innings, one start, and that was at the BEGINNING of his career when he broke camp with the team and did not yet have an everyday position. Even Lou could recognize that he wasn’t capable as an outfielder.

    And if Biggio and Yount are your comparison’s to DeWitt, then you’re watching a different game than I am. DeWitt doesn’t have half the athleticism of those two, nor is his bat HOF caliber.

    Soriano isn’t a fielder at any position, again, you’re citing a guy who can hit moving to the outfield so that he can prolong his career – that’s not the Blake DeWitt scenario.

  • Yavelberg

    I also don’t really have a huge problem with DeWitt playing left. Soriano’s been playing every day and tomorrow will be a month since he last hit a home run (6/19). And it’s not like DeWitt has been awful. Fine, he’s misplayed a ball here and there, but I can’t think of a specific instance where his errors have cost the Cubs a win (not saying there haven’t been any, just that I can’t think of them). But given the way the team’s been going, what does Quade have to lose by trying something a little different? At least yesterday DeWitt had an RBI.

  • Yavelberg

    Should have specified: I don’t have a huge problem with DeWitt playing left *from time to time.* If he’s giving Soriano a day off or he’s a replacement as part of a double switch or something, I’m okay with it. I do agree with Jedi, though, that DeWitt is clearly not an everyday left fielder.

  • chet

    He isn’t an everyday outfielder Yavelburg, just a plug in guy.

    The reason he ever played outfield was mainly to boost his trade value. To show other teams that he is a true utility man. If I remember correctly his first game in LF was against the Red Sox. The Red Sox were rumored to want a utility player , they were even rumored to be looking at Jeff Baker as far back as that series. Maybe the Cubs were trying to get the Sox to take DeWitt instead?

    DeWitt is definitely a spare part on this team with the emergence of Barney. They might have been trying to increase his value by showing he can play more then just 2b and 3b?


    I wasn’t comparing DeWitt to Young and Biggio, or even Soriano. What i was trying to tell you was that it is not unheard of to put an infielder in the outfield as you make it sound.

    I also highly doubt this was Quade’s decision alone. I think they are trying to increase his value for a potential trade.

  • PackerCubBull

    I don’t think they’re doing a very good job at increasing his value

  • Jedi

    If we’re monkeying with the lineup in order to increase a player’s trade value, it’s just further evidence that Quade (and Hendry) needs to go. If that’s the case, then we’re essentially a AAAA ballclub – taking feedback from other GMs about what they’d like to see and then experimenting with it on the field for THEIR benefit. (Never mind that last week the idea being pimped was that DeWitt was in LF out of necessity – that was proven untrue as well). I’m not buying it; I don’t think DeWitt’s time in LF is anything other than Quade’s wild idea as to how he can keep players happy with him (which isn’t what he’s primarily paid to do). Also, it’s of particular note that Quade & Hendry haven’t given a real reason for taking this career infielder who was contributing next to nothing and making him a running joke in the outfield.

    If DeWitt was truly out there only in mop-up innings, or as part of a necessary double-switch, that would be one thing. But LF has become his PRIMARY position. Such a decision is indefensible. I don’t care who it’s coming from, Quade is the one filling out the lineup card, it’s his responsibility.

    It is fairly uncommon to take a guy who isn’t tearing it up at the plate and change his position in order to shoehorn him into the lineup. A change in position can often lead to a decrease in effectiveness at the plate – so you certainly wouldn’t take a slumping player and change his position in order to ignite his bat…unless you’re the 2011 Cubs.

  • Norm

    Chet, that’s a stretch to say they were putting DeWitt out there to increase his trade value. I don’t think the Red Sox, or any other team for that matter, are going to be fooled into thinking DeWitt is a capable outfielder because he was put there by Quade.

  • Randy

    You’re merely speculating, and you’re speculating with a specific stance to try to slam Quade who you clearly do not like. Objectively no one here is qualified to speak to DeWitt playing in LF as none of us have the full story. Making up junk to condemn Quade because we don’t like him belittles us as fans. I’m starting to wonder if this is a fan blog or a hate blog.

  • Buddy

    I think not playing Blake DeWitt would increase his trade value more than playing him would.

  • Jedi

    Randy, I think you need to re-read what I wrote in the context in which it was written. It was a direct reply to Chet’s claim.

    I’m not speculating about anything, I even said that I wasn’t going to speculate since Quade and Hendry haven’t given a reason. I’ll take things on their face.

    DeWitt never played the outfield before this season. We have capable outfielders on our team (and have had at all points this season). DeWitt was not hitting at all, and thus it can’t be the reason that he was given a different position.

    DeWitt starting so many games in LF is condemnation of a more powerful variety than any I could conjure up – which is I keep going back to it. It’s an indefensible position. As such, I don’t need to make up reasons to dislike Quade – he gives me plenty on a weekly basis.

    DeWitt isn’t an outfielder, Quade has him playing the outfield regularly. There’s no speculation needed.

  • Randy

    @Jedi – Quote “I’m not buying it; I don’t think DeWitt’s time in LF is anything other than Quade’s wild idea as to how he can keep players happy with him (which isn’t what he’s primarily paid to do)” Speculation. You’ve made a case against playing DeWitt in left field, but objectively we cannot slam the manager or general manager for this decision because we do not have all the information. I’m not agreeing with their decision on doing on DeWitt in the outfield, but I am saying that we do not have enough information to use it as reasoning for Quade’s suckage.

  • Jedi

    Quade has said that he is a player’s manager – that’s been reiterated by players too – so he has stated that he wants his players to be happy with him (and that’s not a bad thing, it just isn’t what he’s paid to do – and telling the players that he wants to make them happy only makes him weaker in the long run). If that’s the most I’ve speculated, then I’m ok with that.

    Sounds like we’re generally on the same page though, I really don’t care why he’s got DeWitt in LF, no possible reason could cause it to make sense.

  • Jedi

    By the way, take a look at the ESPN Power Rankings this week. Our own Joe Aiello has a great three-line summary of the Cubs’ at this point.

  • chris in Illinois

    Yowza!! Anger abounds. Let’s just face it, just about very last person on this squad is falling short of expectations (except, apparently, the ball boy). While 120-odd games is too little to have a great read on Quade, I’m not happy. He seems to me to play the hot hand in the line-up far too much which almost always backfires—basing lineup decisions on the most recent 20 at bats versus a lifetime of results is bad decision making. He never seems to know what to do with his starter…leave him in?? take him out?? How many pointless late inning at bats from Garza and Dempster must we endure? Sadly the only player who is exceeding expectations is Barney and he’s just shy of terrible (.688 OPS) and since he’s not disappointing given the low expectations for his season, we’ll almost certainly see two-three more years of his suckitude.

  • PackerCubBull

    “Jim Hendry came out this week and said that Jeff Baker is not going to be traded because he’s part of the rebuilding process. Baker isn’t even a starter. Hendry is nuts!!!!”

    LMAO. Joe is dead on

  • Randy

    I’m not trying to be a Quade apologist. He hasn’t been stellar and it is now clear he wasn’t fully prepared for dealing with a lineup riddled with injuries. That being said, I think he is a good Player’s Manager and the guys on the team seem to respect and respond to him. He was going to make rookie mistakes because he’s a rookie manager and hasn’t had a chance to learn from them yet. I have a feeling if we’d been healthy this year we’d be pretty close to .500 right now, and I don’t think a different manager could have gotten us more than a handful more wins than we have now. I just don’t feel we have enough evidence to justify firing him or not allowing him to manage next year. He has shown some really good judgement on occasion this year, and has shown he can learn from his mistakes.

    • Here’s a great idea. Everyone should stop what they’re doing, go to our first podcast episode, and listen to that. Then, give us some feedback / suggestions.

  • flyslinger2

    Speaking of power rankings this is what the Cubs are up against tonight with their best pitcher coming off of an extended rest:

    “The Phillies picked up their seventh straight series win, taking two of three from the Mets this past weekend. The Phils haven’t lost back to back games since the first week of June and haven’t been swept in a three- or four-game series all season. — Jeff Barnes: Crashburn Alley”

    This was also on the ESPN power ranking web page.

    I read a pre-game scout for tonights game and after I closed the article I gave the Cubs another “L”. And since the Phil’s don’t loose two in a row that is a “L” X2. 38-60?

    Holy Crap!

  • Buddy

    You know it’s a bad season when there’s this much chatter about Blake DeWitt.

  • Seymour Butts

    To sum up……
    We have a reasonably sized group of followers who mostly got along well until fairly recently.
    We have some new blood who don’t think much of a manager who has been tasked with the impossible.
    We have some who like to point out their 10 year old’s team’s superiority to the Cubs (biggest problem is they may be correct).
    And we have the oddball wiseacre crow that I’m proud to be in with some of the others out west here.

    NONE of all of this would be an issue if the Cubs would occasionally play to the level of the Durham Bulls. But they are not, so we snipe…get along or get lost.

  • Jedi

    I don’t think putting an outfielder in LF to start the game is impossible. 🙂

  • Buddy

    The smiley face was a nice touch.

  • Buddy

    And welcome back Chris from Illinois. While you were away, Doc actually mentioned OPS in one of his posts!

  • Doc Raker

    Is the podcast the first installment of “Dinner with Seymour”? Can’t wait.

  • Lizzie

    I leave town for a bit and the whole place goes in the crapper. Heh. This comment trail reminded me of certain conversations with Dave L about three years back. Who remembers with me? The only thing we are missing are grey boxes. And where the heck is Sherm? Is he on the podcast? 😉

  • Doc Raker

    Welcome back Chris from Illinois. Let me catch you up to speed. Carlos Pena still blows, Marmol nor Wood have any a clue on where the strike zone is, Soriano is allergic to the warning track, the starting pitching is last in the bigs, our hitting is mediocre, our fielding is last in the bigs and it is all Quade and the coaching staff’s fault. Bright spots are Starlin Castro, Darwin Barney, Sean Marshall and do I dare say Smarja has been improving nicely this season. Quade and the coaching staff have nothing to do with the developing youngsters.

  • chris in illinois

    Once again, Pena is now 10th in the NL in slugging vs. RHP and 12th overall in OPS against righties. He can’t hit lefties, I know he can’t hit lefties, Len and Bob know he can’t hit lefties, the awesome ballboy knows it, my three year old daughter knows it, yet Mike Quade hasn’t gotten the message. If Darwin Barney and his .328 OB% and his .367 “slugging” percentage is a bright spot, this is a much worse season than I imagined (for God’s sake, Darwin only has ten more walks than Buddy does!!).

  • Buddy

    You don’t get out from behind the keyboard taking pitches!

  • Buddy

    (Editor’s NOTE: That was a weak attempt at humor in case you couldn’t tell.)

  • Doc Raker

    The Cubs 1st basemen are ranked 28th in the league (out of 30).

  • Buddy

    In what category? Batting average?

  • Jedi

    It’s not RBIs where we’re 9th, or HRs where we’re 3rd, or runs scored where we’re 10th. See our problem has been that we don’t get enough hits Buddy – not that we don’t score enough runs. You’ve got it backwards. 🙂

  • Buddy

    Ah, now I get it!