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July 2011



Book Review: "Find A Way" by Merril Hoge

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The complete title of this book is “Find A Way – Three Words That Changed My Life”. The author is Merril Hoge, with Brent Cole. There is a foreword by Ron Jaworski. It was published in 2010.

Merril Hoge is a father, a cancer survivor, a former NFL player, and an ESPN sportscaster with whom I was not familiar. I did not know that he once wore the uniform of the Chicago Bears.

“Find A Way” is an inspirational and motivational book.

“Da Coach”, Mike Ditka, himself a pro football hall-of-famer, says: “The measure of a man’s success is not only what he achieves, but more importantly what he overcomes. When you can look adversity in the eyes and stare it down, you will become a greater success. FIND A WAY – make a way that’s pure Hoge.”

Some of the topics addressed by author Merril Hoge in “Find A Way” include:
– How to live a life with no regrets
– Maximizing your God-given tools
– How to see difficult circumstances as “opportunities”
– A behind-the-scenes look into the world of the NFL

In the first chapter Mr. Hoge advises the reader that:
– “…you are not defined by how many times you fall but by how many times you rise again. You might fall a thousand times, but if you rise a thousand times plus one you will be victorious. I carry this mindset with me wherever I go, in whatever I do. Victory is never the absence of failure. It is the will to be the last one standing.”

In the second chapter, Mr. Hoge recounts a conversation he had with his son:
– “My son, Beau, once asked me about what he had to do to be a winner. I explained the importance of physical and mental training. ‘That,’ I said, ‘is the baseline to play the game. But in the end,’ I continued, ‘resourcefulness is your greatest resource’.
‘No matter what skill set you have been blessed with, you must sharpen those skills like a razor blade and then exhaust yourself to become the very best player you can be.’ I told Beau this did not guarantee he would make it to the NFL or the Hall of Fame. It guaranteed something more important: he would live with no regrets.”

In describing Coach Chuck Noll, Mr. Hoge struck gold with this observation:
– “…his highest ideal of success was not victory but maximum effort. ‘A life of frustration is inevitable,’ he once told a reporter, ‘for any coach whose main enjoyment is winning’.”

Mr. Hoge also reminds us of a saying attributed to Coach John Wooden: “Be quick but don’t hurry.”

Another lesson which Mr. Hoge shares with the reader: “…respect is always a two-way street…”

I enjoyed reading “Find A Way – Three Words That Changed My Life”, and I recommend it to anyone seeking motivation &/or inspiration.

I thank Center Street Books of New York City for providing me with a copy of “Find A Way” to read and to review.

  • Buddy

    Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing, and nice work as usual!

  • Doc Raker

    Thanks Cubbiedude, so what does Mr Hoge suggest I do everytime I regret watching the Cubs? Mr Hoge must not be a Cub fan since Cub fans can not live life without regret.

  • CubbieDude

    Buddy & Doc Raker:

    Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting.

    Doc, I can only tell you that I am a Cubs fan, and I have no regrets. I suspect Mr. Hoge spends very little time watching the Cubs.