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June 2011



Game 81 – Ole Fashioned Pitchers Duel

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Cubs 2, Giants 1

Box Score / Highlights / Condensed Game


  • Before the game, the Cubs announced that Darwin Barney had been activated. I knew that was coming so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that pop up on my phone. The exciting part was when I actually opened the press release and saw that the corresponding move to go with it was the unconditional release of Doug Davis. He pitched really well in the Yankees series, but when you look at the whole, the guy just didn’t have anything left in the tank. Why he was still on the team, and making regular starts no less, is beyond me.
  • Aramis Ramirez had the night off because he was due for some rest, but got a chance to pinch hit in the bottom of the 9th after Marmol allowed the tying run to score in the top half of the inning and hit a two out walk off single to win it.
  • Ryan Dempster was absolutely fantastic. When I had looked to see the pitching match up and saw that it was Dempster and Lincecum, my first thought was “Nice, I don’t know that I’ve ever watched a game that Lincecum has pitched.” It turned into a straight pitchers duel with Demp being charged with a run in the 9th, but his eight innings leading up to it were marvelous. At one point he set down 20 in a row after a double in the 2nd inning. To cap it off, he threw just 83 pitches in the 8+ innings of work. It reminded me of a game Jon Leiber threw against the Reds in 2001. Here is the box score from that game.
  • The game lasted just a scant 2 hours and 22 minutes.


  • No offense. If the Cubs could have just mustered two runs, we get Dempster a win in this one. They had a chance in the 5th when Blake DeWitt doubled to lead off and then advanced to third on a wild pitch, but came up empty, and then had a runner in scoring position and one out in the 8th and came up empty. One of those situations works out and Dempster gets a much deserved win.
  • Marmol blew the save. It’s a tough situation to come into the game with no outs and a man on second, but that’s what closers are paid to do. He gave up the single that allowed Pat Burrell to score. It didn’t help that Tony Campana’s throw to the plate looked like a throw a five year old would make. Go back and watch the condensed game. It was brutal.
  • Marmol is credited with the win. There is something very wrong about being able to get the blow save and then get the win. That’s Demp’s win, not Marmol’s.

Stars of the Game
Based on Win Probability Added (WPA)

1st Star – Ryan Dempster (.388 WPA)

2nd Star – Aramis Ramirez (.368 WPA)

3rd Star – Manny Burriss (.278 WPA)

Cubs Hitting: +.099 WPA

Cubs Pitching: +.401 WPA

  • Norm

    Pitcher ‘wins’ are meaningless. The WPA you show at the bottom tells us much more.

  • Doug S.

    Great job by Dempster.
    83 pitches into the 9th?
    Yes, he deserves the W as in Wow.

  • This comment has nothing to do with this game in particular. I feel like Carlos Pena is a guilty pleasure, I love the guy but I feel like I should be ashamed to admit it. Also, I think Bob Brenly should do his best Harry Doyle impression when the Cubs go into their next spin. Show up with a bottle of Jack: “And for the Cubs, that’s one run on, let’s see…one hit? That’s all we had, one goddamn hit? [Len: You can’t say “goddamn” on the air!] Don’t worry; nobody’s listening anyway.”

  • Great game by Dempster! Nice to see.

    Campana did make a terrible throw. He should have taken a bit more time getting it right, there was no need for panic there.

    I am now a big fan of days off for Ramirez and Soriano. They should both get at least one day off a week. I think they play better with the rest.

  • Doug Bagley

    campana had some shaky defense in the top of the 9th…glad he was able to make up for it in the bottom of the 9th…i love walk offs…go cubs

  • Doc Raker

    The Cubs beat the Giants at there own game.

  • I listened to the WGN audio feed last night…Joe and Beckman are completely correct in regards to Campana’s noodle in center. Pat and Keith did a great job brushing that toss to the plate under the rug. As far as the Cubs beating the Giants at their own game, Doc, the Giants sort of played like the Cubs. That recap showed them swinging at everything. Good game…maybe Z can follow suit and pitch to his capability.

  • Larry Sproul

    Great outing for Demp. Marmol shaky again he has to work on it . I think with Byrd about to come back up Tony C. days are numbered . Poor throw to the plate . However he scores the winning run on a walk off single by Ramirez .

    Today is another day at the old ball park. Lets see if Big Z can hold them . However the Cubs bats have to come alive .This 1-2 hits a game just isn’t cutting it .

  • Seymour Butts

    I missed the 8th and 9th as I went to check out the Boise Hawks who were in town.
    Notable was a pitcher named Austin Reed who threw easy gas 91-94 routinely. gave up 1 run over 3 innings, but 2 innings were 3 up, 3 down. Threw strikes.
    Also Reggie Golden impressed me in Right field. He ran down 2 flies that looked like a gapper and a corner shot off of the bat, and he looked smooth. Also gunned a runner trying to take 2 on a single he dove for that got behind him. Decent bat, BUT stole 3rd with nobody out. He made it but the coach spent some quality time with him after he dusted himself off.
    The Hawks lost last night but are in first in their division up here in the Northwest League.

  • Dana

    Do you think the Cubs are going to pull through for the series this weekend? I hope so! Even Windy City LIVE was talking about it today on the show. Check it out

  • Katie

    Campana’s throw was pretty bad, but Fukudome had an equally terrible throw as well. When Campana missed the diving catch, Fuke backed up the play, but his throw was an arrow straight into the dirt at 2nd. Oof. But it’s nice that Ram came through in the clutch! I like Campana on the base paths, but not in center. He’s got no arm. Maybe he could play right, because he can cover a lot of ground, and not too many balls are hit out there. Just a thought.

  • Doc Raker

    The Giants broadcasters categorized Campana’s throw as “horrible”.

  • Seymour Butts

    They were too kind.