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June 2011



Chet's Corner: Five Burning Questions for June

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Well, we are eight games shy of the halfway point and I must say…..this season is flying by!

I know, I know, at the rate the Cubs are losing this year a little pace to the season isn’t all bad.   It hasn’t been the circus of last season, but it could qualify as a small traveling carnival.  Jobs are on the line and we’ve seen more youth debut this season then we have in most of the past decade.

I am growing fonder of Carlos Pena by the day and I am starting to warm to Blake DeWitt.  This may seem crazy, or maybe I am succumbing to mediocrity, but they have shown some results, right?

Anyhow, here are your questions, and as usual, fire away with answers!!!!!

1) In your opinion, who has been the top rookie on the big league team so far this year?

I am going with Darwin Barney.  I see him possibly keeping his job through to next season at least….if he isn’t traded….which may be a good idea too!

2) As unrealistic as this sounds, who would you start in game 1 of the World Series from this current Cubs starting rotation?

I would go with Zambrano but not with any confidence, which tells you where I sit with the rest of this rotation.

3) From what we have seen and heard over the past 2.5 months, who could be next years breakout player?

Taking everything into consideration, I go with Tony Campana.  I go with him because my knowledge of our minor league system is limited and if they can get this kid on base……let’s just say lead off hitter! I know, you think I am crazy…..

4) Who is most likely to be traded come the deadline?

I got a feeling it will be DeWitt, Baker, or possibly Barney…..we have quite a few second basemen.

5) What team do you take the most pleasure in seeing the Cubs beat?

White Sox…..with a close second being Cardinals.


Odds and Ends

– I could not agree more with Gene Wojciechowski.

– Quade likes Castro as the Cubs All-Star represetative.

– An Aussie could make his Major League debut.

– I am starting to like where this is going….6 more weeks anybody?

– Or maybe the injury is not as bad?

  • Norm

    1) Barney is really the only option. I think he’ll hold his job too, but that is due to lack of options and the Cubs ignorance on the importance of OBP.

    2) Garza. He strikes out the most and that’s useful when you have the worst defense in baseball behind you.

    3) Brett Jackson. Thinking Marlon Byrd gets traded and B.J. gives the Cubs a CF capable of putting up 20/20 seasons in the next few years.

    4) Fukudome, Pena, Baker

    5) A win is a win no matter who its against.

    I couldn’t disagree more with Gene’s article, to be honest. Everyone wants to hear a plan. Maybe Ricketts should do this:
    “Hello Cub fans. I know many of you are frustrated with the play of the current team. Well I’m sorry to say that I’m stuck with these players and their contracts and the losing will continue for another season or two.
    In the meantime, we’ll still be able to sign free agents to make it appear we’re really trying to win, but the payroll will slowly decrease so that I can pay off my $400 million in loans and attempt to maintain Wrigley Field. But I’m also focused on building from within, so it will be a couple years before this team is ready to win a World Series.
    But now that I’ve ripped on the players I’m “stuck” with, I’m sure I’ll have no problem getting players to be happy to play for me in the future, and I’m sure that you’re still going to want to come to Wrigley to see a team I just admitted won’t compete for a few more years….perhaps I should’ve kept my mouth shut.
    Thanks for listening.”

  • Jedi

    I really hope you’re not right about Campana – if that’s the best we have on the horizon, we should try a Marlinesque fire sale ASAP.

  • Buddy

    1. Barney by default
    2. Garza
    3. PLEASE let it be Brett Jackson
    4. Fukudome and Byrd (if he’s healthy)
    5. The Cardinals

  • Buddy

    What a rotten at bat by Koyie Hill. Of course, I’m not at all surprised.

  • Mark in Toronto

    1) Barney
    2) Zambrano
    3) Brett Jackson
    4) Fukudome, Byrd, DeWitt
    5) Cardinals and Brewers

  • C. Steamer

    I don’t know what Campana’s Walk/Strikeout ratio is in his minor league career but you can’t steal first. He is the new and not improved version of Jaun Pierre. No power, rag arm, nice guy.

  • Buddy

    Agreed C Steamer. “No thanks” on Mr. Campana.

  • PackerCubBull

    1. Barney
    2. Dempster
    3. I hope it’s Jackson or Colvin. It would be nice if we could have 2 of our corners set for the next decade
    4. Fukudome, Byrd, Ramirez
    5. The White Sox. With the Cardinals second. The only time I root for the White Sox is vs. the Cardinals in the regular season. A White Sox-Cardinals WS, I would root for the Cardinals.

  • walterj

    1.)barney 2.)zambrano 3)jackson 4)hopefully , fukudome, baker , dewitt , hill , pena , ramirez , byrd , soriano , grabow , shark , and then start on the front office . 5)the cardinals

  • Danny B

    Walterj’s response seconded.

  • Scott

    I think Aramis is traded but..but that contract next year..yikes.

  • Lando87

    1) Barney, barely
    2) Big Z
    3) I really hope Tyler Colvin can figure things out, get over that scary injury, and become an everyday player. Before the incident I thought he could become a .250-35-100 kind of guy, not a superstar, but a solid player.
    4) Fukudome, DeWitt, Pena, Zambrano, Dempster (though I kind of want to keep the last two around)
    5) Cards, White Sox, and I really enjoyed beating the Yankees that one game