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So I was cruising and I was reading an article about the Spankies and I just think it is kind of scary when the Boss will do anything and everything including mortgaging his left testicle if it meant his team wins. Why can’t our organization be like that? Maybe it’s because our organization is not run by someone with testicles, it is run by a newspaper. That’s the problem. We need to get some testicles owning our team. Anyways, I want to make it clear that I do not like the Boss or his methods, but I have to admit it must feel good to know you have a real shot in Oct. every year. Maybe one day our newspaper will grow testicles. Or maybe its wishful thinking.

Anyways, over the next few days leading up till the end of the free agency filing deadline, I will be going over our team position by position and talking about what I think we should do as well as what the Newspaper will do. So, today I will start with the 1b position. Here is who we have and what they did this year


80 202 31 44 17 0 8 28 37 71 1 1 .218 .350 .421 .771 = Choi

124 410 47 113 17 0 16 72 16 37 0 0 .276 .309 .434 .743 = Simon

We have both of these guys so what to do with them? Well, there are rumors floating around everywhere that the next Cub first baseman is Richie Sexson. I am totally sure what I think about this. I would love to have his bat and wonderful production, and because the Milwaukee Drunks may be dealing him for salary reasons, he could go a lot cheaper than he would otherwise. I just do not want us to miss out on a great firstbaseman like we did last year in Jim Thome . I think Sexson would be a perfect fit and is young enough to where he could make a splash with this organization. I don’t know who we would have to give up to get him but I am sure the Drunks would take almost anyone considering their team is so bad. I will leave that up to the organization without a nutsack to decide. I would think that either Choi or Simon must go seeing that they both bat lefthanded. We would probably have to deal Choi considering he is younger.

1B Grade = B- (We get more power at the position then we are used to the last decade but we really lack the big bat that needs to be at 1b)

Solution = Trade Choi and Prospects to Mil. for Sexson

What the Cubs will do = Open spring training with 2 lefties at 1b and hope for Choi to develop

What do you all think about 1b for the Cubs? Post a comment!!!!