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I Too Received the E-mails

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In response to Teddy Greenstein’s article and Kurt Evan’s article on Goat Riders, I would like to post that i too received the e-mail asking me to “feel free to BOO Dusty”

Here are the e-mails and my responses:

My name is Jackea Chan and I am an Assistant Associate Audience Producer for ESPN2s sports talk show Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith.First, I want to thank you guys for allowing me to post here when we had Andre Dawson on the show. It was quite the success. The reason I am contacting you again is that we have just been notified that on Monday, July 24th, Current Chicago Cubs Manager Dusty Baker is scheduled to appear LIVE in studio!

We would like to extend to you and your website FREE tickets to attend the show. We realize that this would be a great opportunity for some of your forum members to get together and meet up for an exciting sports show. You guys can definitely feel free to BOO Dusty if you so please. The tickets are open to your all interested members, family members, friends, and co-workers.Our studio is located in the heart of New York City, across the street from Madison Square Garden. Again the show date is Monday, July 24th at 11:15am with a 9:30am check-in.If you or any of your members are interested in attending the show, please call me at 646-708-7150 or email Please provide your first and last name, telephone number with area code and spell your email address. Someone from Audience Services will contact you if your reservation has been accepted.

In addition, please feel free to post this information on your website for all Dusty Baker and Cub fans located in the New York or tri-state area.Thank you.
Jackea Chan
Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith
Assistant Associate Audience Producer

My Response:

Your feel free to Boo comment seems a little mean spirited and childish. Are you having Dusty on just to set him up to be bood?

Her Response:


First and foremost thank you for any help that you can provide us with. The booing comment was an attempt at a joke which obviously didn’t fly. I do apologize if you were offended by it in anyway. Baker is certainly scheduled to be there on Monday though.

Having done research to tailor the audience to the guest though, I have seen many Cub fans who want him to be fired. They don’t think he has a clue this season. I am certainly NOT a Cubs fan, but you cannot deny that this seems to be the growing sentiment. If they want to boo him, they certainly can.

In terms of having Dusty setup to be boo’d or jeered, that is totally up to the audience on a given day. We want as many Cub fans in the audience as possible. If they want to boo, it is up to them. If they want to cheer him, it is up to them. Thank you.

Jackea Chan
Quite Frankly With Stephen A. Smith
Assistant Associate Audience Producer

The Stephen A. Smith show has denied that this e-mail has taken place, but I received it as have every member of my writing staff along with numerous other Cub blogs. They ought to be ashamed and Miss Chan should show some integrity and own up to what she said.