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Today at work I was glancing at Rotoworld and there was speculation that the Mets might have some interest in Greg Maddux (and vice versa.) Heck, nowadays it seems you hear Maddux’ name in conjunction with many different trade scenarios – the Brewers (God forbid, I remember when we used to fleece them,) the Dodgers, D-Backs and Angels have been mentioned. Then I got to thinking: “Why are we going through this again? Didn’t we learn last time?” Why isn’t somebody just saying: “Wait a minute, is this really necessary?”

Granted, this is not the Maddux of old. His pitching days appear limited and until he pulls the pin he’s going to lose about as many as he wins. I wonder though why we aren’t talking to this guy about what he’s going to do after his playing days; something tells me that baseball is in Greg’s blood and he’s going to be somebody’s Leo Mazzone.

So why not give him a chance to be the Cubs’ pitching coach and part-time pitcher? Why not tell him that he’s an integral part of the franchise, a “heart and soul” guy? Does it really make sense to have Larry Rothschild teaching our Sean Marshalls and Carlos Marmols instead of Maddux?

It’s going to be a sad day when the Cubs let Maddux walk away a second time. Perhaps Greg wants out, but I doubt it.