GirlieView (05/26/2016)

Published on May 26th, 201615 comment

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

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Even When Jake is Bad…He Wins

Published on May 26th, 201621 comment

Jake Arrieta showed again that he has the potential to be “human” a day after Chris Sale got shelled and the Cubs find a way to win anyway.

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Should the Cubs Add a Villain?

Published on May 25th, 201615 comment

Josh Cornwall discusses a potential name that could be controversial to Cubs fans as a possible addition in this championship run.

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Winning Covers A Lot

Published on May 25th, 201632 comment

If the last few days have got you down, hopefully yesterday’s win with the promise that today is Jake day has you feeling just fine. My guess is the coffee tastes better today than it has been. Down on the farm we have video of longballs from Willson Contreras and Ian Happ and the end of a long losing streak for one team.

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Memory and Perspective

Published on May 24th, 201614 comment

In 2008, I liked our team and thought we had a realistic chance of making it to the World Series. That was only a short time ago, and yet many fans seem to have forgotten the utter joy and hard lesson of that wonderful season.

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#Cardinals Kick the Cubs in the Twig AND the Berries

Published on May 24th, 201613 comment

If you came away from last night’s loss to the Cardinals angry, you have every right to feel that way. It was a game we should have won and we couldn’t close it out. It sucks, especially at the hands of the Cardinals, but take a breath and look at the standings and let’s get them tonight.

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Cubs Water Cooler Topics

Published on May 23rd, 20166 comment

The weekend rolling over to yet another Monday marks another day to avoid work talking Cubs baseball at the water cooler. This post briefly discusses a few hot topics on the Northside…

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It’s Not Easy Being the Best Team in MLB

Published on May 23rd, 201627 comment

I know that as you read this, you’re disappointed. I know the last 10 games or so have been discouraging and making you possibly revert back to the traditional Cubs thinking that this isn’t our year after all, but I would encourage you to stop that thinking and that attitude right now.

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Prospect Spotlight: Dylan Cease

Published on May 22nd, 20165 comment

The Cubs 8th ranked prospect for 2016 is right-handed pitcher Dylan Cease. Nick Dorey takes a look at Cease for Cubs fans in an afternoon quickie.

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