Sophomore Slumps? Not with These Guys

Luke debunks the Sophomore Slump!


Stat of the Week – How Good Are The Cubs?

Published on April 29th, 201620 comment

A look at just how good the Cubs start to the 2016 season has been so far. It’s been a fun ride so far.

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GirlieView (04/28/2016)

Published on April 28th, 201636 comment

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

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Three Strikes – No Fly Zone

Published on April 27th, 2016101 comment

On a cold, windy night at Wrigley field, the Brewers gave the Cubs a scare. The wind stifled a few rallies, but helped give the Cubs the win in the end.

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Three Strikes – Winning the Week

Published on April 24th, 201657 comment

With the Cubs finishing their winning series over the overmatched Reds in dominating fashion with a 9-0 win on Sunday, Chris O’Reilly takes apart what was a winning finale and week.

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Three Strikes – Squeeze You Like a Snake

Published on April 23rd, 201630 comment

My favorite baseball play is the squeeze bunt and the Cubs treated me to not one, but two perfectly executed servings.

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Watch Anthony Rizzo’s 3rd HR in the last 3 Games (VIDEO)

Published on April 23rd, 20162 comment

This guy is just plain good. Watch Anthony Rizzo crush a home run for the third straight game last night. Your browser does not support iframes. Like what you see […]

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Three Strikes – Utter Domination

Published on April 22nd, 201630 comment

I had that weird feeling last night down deep in my loins and it wasn’t an STD. It was Jake Arrieta day and he didn’t disappoint.

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Scoring without Hitting and Making Adjustments

Published on April 21st, 201681 comment

The Cubs’ offensive performance so far this season underscores just how important on-base percentage is.

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