Game 22 Notes – Lots and Lots of Strikeouts

At the beginning of the week, I said that I wanted to see a 4-2 week out of the Cubs. I felt like if we could take two from the Pirates and two from the Brewers, it was a realistic goal. A win on Sunday puts us on position to do that, despite the rather ugly loss on Saturday.


Game 21 Notes – That’s The Lester We Paid For

Published on May 2nd, 201512 comment

Buyer’s remorse was beginning to creep in for many in Cub nation. Yesterday, Jon Lester did a little to curb that anxiousness and show the ace we paid for.

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The Shape of Trades to Come

Published on May 1st, 2015no comments

Cubs GM Jed Hoyer recently expressed that, although it’s still too early to predict, the Cubs hope to be in a position to be buyers later this summer, rather than sellers. How’s that for progress?

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GirlieView (04/30/2015)

Published on April 30th, 201535 comment

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

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Game 20 Notes – Ending the Month on a Stinker

Published on April 30th, 201514 comment

While last night’s result was less than appealing, the Cubs finish the month four games above .500 and it’s cool to be a Cubs fan again.

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They Told Me It Would Be Better Someday

Published on April 29th, 201511 comment

Probably the best April of baseball I have seen from a Cub team in years. Just like Rizzo and Bryant I can’t wipe this silly smile off my face. I have three thoughts that I want to share. Let’s converse , shall we?

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Game 19 Notes – Junior Lake Returns

Published on April 29th, 201526 comment

Remember when Junior Lake was all the rage? Remember when he was recalled from Iowa and set the Cubs world on fire? Things haven’t gone quite as planned for him in his mind, but last night he was back.

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Minor League Update: The Retreads

Published on April 28th, 201518 comment

Three weeks into the season, we now have a pretty good idea at the players in the Cubs’ minor league system that we might want to pay attention to this season. Before we look at the true prospects, though, we examine the players we’ve already seen with the Cubs that we might see again this season.

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Game 18 Notes – It’s Hammel Time

Published on April 28th, 201535 comment

Jason Hammel channeled his inner Cy Young on Monday and kept the Pirates guessing all night. The heart of the Cubs offense struck early and solidified an important division win.

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