5 Things for Cubs Fans to Know on August 28

The Cubs had a very tough pitching matchup against Bumgarner yesterday, and tonight will be no easier, as they face Kershaw in an attempt to start this series with a win.


5 Things a Cub Fan Should Know for August 27th

Published on August 27th, 201523 comment

The Cubs saw their winning streak end at the hands of Jake Peavy last night in San Francisco. Time to start a new one tonight in the series finale.

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5 Things a Cub Fan Needs to Know on August 26th

Published on August 26th, 201531 comment

The Cubs extended their Wild Card lead over the Giants to 7.5 games with a 8-5 win last night. Chicago looks to build on this momentum Wednesday night, where the Cubs send Kyle Hendricks to the hill.

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5 Things for Cubs Fans to Know on August 25

Published on August 25th, 201527 comment

Don’t let yesterday’s injury news frustrate you, as the Cubs are winning at a pace that far surpasses any of the expectations that we had coming into this season.

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5 Things Cub Fans Need To Know on August 24th

Published on August 24th, 201530 comment

By Jerry Burns Wrigley Playing Large Braves 3 @ Cubs 9 — After playing like a pitcher’s park for most of the season, the Cubs are enjoying Wrigley Field’s return […]

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5 Things a Cub Fan Needs To Know on August 23

Published on August 23rd, 201510 comment

The Cubs continued their winning ways after falling behind early and look to go for a four game sweep against Atlanta on Sunday.

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5 Things a Cub Fan Needs to Know on August 22nd

Published on August 22nd, 201511 comment

Just when it looked like it was going south for the north siders, the Cubs have rattled off two wins in a row to open the four-game set against the Braves and look to build on their momentum heading into the weekend.

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5 Things a Cub Fan Needs to Know on Aug 21

Published on August 21st, 201514 comment

After a frustrating three game losing streak that caused me to question all that is good in life (being in contention will do that to you), the Cubs corrected their course and got back to winning ways in game one of the series with the Braves.

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GirlieView (08/20/2015)

Published on August 20th, 201520 comment

GirlieView is a VFTB recap column on alternate Thursdays. We give our readers props for having timely and funny quotes from the past two weeks of VFTB commentary. Join us for a few good laughs!

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